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The Cold Frontier

Compared the Prodigal Void, the Cold Frontier is a barren waste. Planets are fewer and farther between and generally harbor a harsh, unlivable environment. The few inhabited planets are generally rough and backwater, though the Frontier is the focus of the colonization and terraforming efforts of the Zvetaku Creed. Aftward and Coreward of the Cold Frontier lies the Badlands. Aftward and Edgeward, the Cold Frontier butts up to the Farrago and Prodigal Void. Belowward, Twilight projects through the Cold Frontier. Spinward, the Cold Frontier extends into unexplored nothing.

The Cold Frontier, through its scarcity and isolation, is largely immune to politics. Its inhabitants are often there for a singular purpose, whether that be mining, settlement, or just generally the avoidance of politics. The distance between hospitable worlds makes the area impractical and undesirable for expansion by the major galactic powers and corporations, leaving it to lesser powers.

The Cold Frontier is the chosen territory of the Zvetaku Creed and ideally suits their agenda of terraforming barren worlds. They have four worlds in various stages of Sanctification to ideal Human habitats. The Zvetaku predominantly keep to their business of terraforming and recruiting new members. They trade largely with the Core Commonwealth and, to a lesser extent, with the Spinward Confederacy and Bjaki Federation.

Recently, the Makkuth have decided that the Zvetaku territories represent an opportunity to capture habitable worlds, new technology, and strategic position to move on the empires of the Prodigal Void. They have recently invaded the Zvetaku colony Valentholo.

Trade & Technology
Trade is limited within the Cold Frontier. Goods move between Zvetaku worlds but most are brought in from the Prodigal Void by the Zvetaku themselves.

Technology is imported for use specifically in the Cold Frontier, particularly high tech terraforming and colonization technologies for the Zvetaku and a variety of mostly industrial equipment for mining and other specialized interests in the sector. The Zvetaku themselves have advanced and specialized research & development, testing, and manufacturing facilities on their worlds.

The Cold Frontier was basically unsettled until late Ancient and early Archaic times when explorers from the Prodigal Void began to move through the area. In early Antiquity, Mikhan Zvetaku would basically define the Cold Frontier by choosing it as the primary settlement area for the Zvetaku Creed movement.