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Ashi-Adacheron A radially symmetrical, multi-brained race who are traditionally aligned with the Immasu. Their highly structured caste system revolves around their "chemical perfection" and drives their social structure, politics, and breeding cycle. 
Bahalthair Something between primitive and mystical, the Bahalthair are huge and powerful but also quiet and thoughtful. From their remote planet, with no established space fleet and little trade to speak of, the Bahalthair have managed to spread thinly throughout the universe seeking wisdom.
Balithrim Huge and shaggy, the Balithrim are a counterpoint to the Iliene with whom they share a homeworld. In the distant past, the Iliene developed a symbiosis with the Balithrim supplying brain to match the Balithrim brawn. Over the centuries, the Balithrim, while still not great thinkers or scientists, have earned a reputation as empathetic and loyal, exceptionally hard working, and very in touch with their surroundings.
Bjaki The politicians and artists of the Bjaki Federation, the High Bjaki are thin, lithe and physically delicate. They are grand strategic thinkers and master manipulators. They excel at marvelously complicated plans and exquisite architecture and design. They love structure, form, and beauty.
Celendriennes The Celendrians evolved recently and rapidly, by nature an intelligent race that thrives on manipulating the world and inhabitants around them. They naturally tend toward trade and conspiratorial politics. Early in their space-faring years, their homeworld of Arutukan was invaded by the Makkuth and they were enslaved. Their highly adaptable nature and ability to manipulate those around them soon lead them to spot of honour in the Makkuth Dynasty, performing the more social aspects of empire that regularly escape the Makkuth, such as diplomacy and trade.
Esimantumi A 10-legged centipede-like mammal, the Esimantumi evolved on the harsh, high-gravity jungle world of Iristo. At the front of their frame, they have two smell/sound sensing antennae and a mouth-like organ which emits echo-location signals. The Esimantumi are strongly familial and live in a highly ordered society. They are stoic and highly inclined to both mathematically and trading.
Human A bunch of pink little fellows who seem to pop up seemingly throughout the galaxy and establish themselves against all odds. Diverse in temperament, they invariably form a perfectly good empire and then alienate a portion of the population who then go racing off to form a different one.
Hairless, short, and fragile with translucent skin and awkward, dual-lobed heads, the Iliene have survived and thrived due to an unequalled mathematical precision and an innate, intangible ability to function as a group. While they are not psychic, they have an tend to react somewhat collectively. They gravitate to successful individuals, seemingly learn skills from osmosis, and reach collective decisions without discussion. 
Immasu A humanoid race traditionally aligned with the Ashi-Adacheron. They are exceptionally advanced biogenetically and in the manipulation of genes. They literally grow most of their technology.
Irukki A solid reptilian race evolved from scavengers. Brilliant tacticians with absolutely no sense of strategy they have foiled and frustrated the Makkuth and Skalds. They are currently associated with the Kharkosanth Empire.
Kayyans A quick-witted, nimble reptilian race adapted to a number of environments on their homeworld of Izwan. Excellent builders and curious explorers.
The Makkuth are thin and lithe, tentacled pseudo-centauroids. They are intelligent, aristocratic, pompous, and mistrstful. They tend to segregate themselves racially, invading and subjugating weaker races as labour. Their political system still revolves around a system one could sum up as "King and Court", with all the due pomp, circumstance, and intrigue.
Ourii Short-haired, centauroid mammals with flat heads and disquieting, black-opal eyes. Clever, creative, and well-spoken, the Ourii make excellent traders and diplomats.
Pandarans An ugly and uninspired race that advanced slowly due to local squabbling, the Pandarans were barely able to build a fusion reactor when the Makkuth invaded and turned Pandarus into a source of free labour. 
Ptatl The Ptatl have long, tubular bodies internally supported by a predominantly cartilaginous skeleton. They move by a combination of the undulation of strong muscles in their tail and the grab-pull action of two drag-claws. The Ptatl are extremely aware, having good vision in high and low light conditions, an exceptionally sensitive chemical receptor system in their nose, and extremely sensitive and complex sound and vibration sensors in the form of cartilaginous ridges that run along their body. On the underside of their chin, they have symmetrical organs that sense the electrical field given off by living beings. They have adapted sophisticated sensor arrays for their vehicles and ships that feed a complex array of stimulus to all of these senses. The Ptatl believe in rewarding the strong and culling the weak, though their culture celebrates the strength of such achievements as intelligence, guile, and artistry. They determine various roles in society through various contests, which are crafted to ensure the most suitable candidates are selected for the most suitable roles.
Rafer Evolved from swift, deadly predators, Rafers are an unpredictable and confrontational race whose moods are driven by adrenaline.
Vrudok The Vrudok are characterized by small, pointy-beaked heads on long necks. Long arms and short, spindly legs sprout from pear-shaped bodies. They have high metabolisms, a rapid heartbeat, and a realtively short lifespan of 50 to 70 years. Life is a harsh competition to the Vrudok, where there is no shame in failure, only in not competing. They believe that the universe is there to be taken, to be exploited. Their society is formed of Klekken, which are comprised, depending on one's viewpoint, of the best and worst traits of Multi-National corporations, familial groups, and high school dodge-ball teams. Klekkens work together or against each other as appropriate at the time, gathering power and resources and exploiting them until they are dry. The Vrudok do not conserve or defer.