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The Farrago

Bordering both the Prodigal Void and the Badlands, the Farrago has a proliferation of life but it suffers from an abundance of only marginally inhabitable worlds. Conflict between empires and swiftly changing alliances is common in the Farrago and resources tend to be wasted by repeatedly rebuilding the same infrastructure over and over after conflict. With so much time and energy going into squabbles and the intermittent trade that results, The Farrago tends to lag the Prodigal Void technologically. The Makkuth, Y'Hotha Alliance, and four Skald factions all originate in the Farrago. 

The Farrago is a sector of instability and conflict.

The Makkuth culture is based on the acquisition of land, holdings, and slaves. They are constantly looking to conquer and expand. Their history is filled with conflict with their immediate neighbours, the Skalds and the Y'Hotha Alliance. In the past couple of hundred years, they have devised a Tri-Alliance between themselves, the Y'Hotha, and the Skalds. The Tri-Alliance serves to push out the borders of each of their empires into more fertile territory, drives each of their individual needs to expand, and keeps fighting away from their homeworlds, minimizing the loss of infrastructure during conflict. In recent years, they have incurred on the Prodigal Void, scouting and attacking targets in the Bjaki Federation, the Core Commonwealth, and the Zvetaku territories. None have lead to any lasting gains and the Tri-Alliance is currently falling apart.

The Y’Hotha culture is, first and foremost, one of science, progress, and exploration. They are, however, surrounded by aggressive neighbours from whom they have defended themselves for generations. The Skalds grind on their nerves, culturally speaking, with the Skald propensity for conflict and their desire to build big, shiny machines a direct contrast to the Y'Hotha peaceful, organic nature. Ultimately, they just want to exist peacefully but the conflicts within the Farrago often drag them into the thick of fighting. They have joined the Tri-Alliance in the hopes that providing token troops, equipment, and technology will move conflict away from their homeworld into other sectors. They realize it is somewhat short sighted but are willing to live with the situation until it can be changed.

In general, the Skald culture is aggressive, expansionist and war-like, their history full of tribal warfare amongst themselves and with their neighbors, the Makkuth Dynasty and Y'Hotha Alliance. Skald thinking sees outsiders as hostile and dangerous, and their culture just plain includes fighting as a way of life. The Skalds consist of no less than four space-faring empires that maintain individual relations and conflicts amongst themselves and their neighbours. The Makkuth Tri-Alliance always involved members of the Skalds but the individual Skald factions involved changed over time.

Trade & Technology
Trade is rapid and often brief in the Farrago. As alliances and conflicts shift, so do trade partners, sources of income, and markets. Individual worlds from the Prodigal Void and the Farrago occasionally trade, though it is often difficult due to political tensions between governments. More aggressive mega-corporations from the Prodigal Void trade with the inhabitants of the Farrago, though they do it with thought and care. It doesn't pay to sell a fleet of ultra-modern ships to someone that's going to use them to invade your shipyards but it does drive sales if they invade your other clients...

Technology in the Farrago is close to that of the Prodigal Void, though it tends to lag slightly. While military and civilian technology is driven by the need to stay ahead of the neighbours, resources are often tied up or squandered in a cycle of fighting and rebuilding. Technology tends to spread more through conquest or espionage than trade. Most new technologies are carefully guarded but spread relatively quickly anyway.

The inhabitants of the Farrago were still predominantly bound to their homeworlds during the time of the Dark Age of space travel.

The Makkuth had launched a few early interstellar exploration and colonization missions but nothing to the extent of the Bjaki, Iliene, or Humans of the Prodigal Void.

The Ashi-Adacheron were a slow, methodical race somewhat younger than the others. They had not yet left the confines of their planet until inspired by the Immasu in early Ancient Times.

The Immasu and Skalds were actually Iliene and Human settlers, respectively, who were isolated by the Dark Age. The Immasu adapted well to a hospitable homeworld, while the Skalds fragmented into tribes and went about their usual business of punching each other in the nose.

Celendrienne is settled by early Bjaki colonists. While the Dark Age cuts them off from interstellar travel, they fare well and develop their own unique, artistic culture.

The Valgarad humans settle Valgarad, Caragon, and Galadras, establishing heavy trade and mutual support and calling themselves the Valgarad Empire. During the Dark Age, they would become completely cut off from one another and life on Galadras would die out completely.

Ancient Times
Y'Hotha Alliance forms Immasu early exploration mission discovers the Ashi-Adacheron. The cultural parallels of the two organic and peaceful races, combined with fascination over their startling physical differences lead them to essentially "fall in love" and undergo an immediate and lasting merging of cultures. The Y'Hotha Alliance becomes the first galactic empire.
Skald conflict The Skalds slowly crawl off the face of Llothu, lead by the Kingdom of Lissing. Their move to the stars is painfully slow, marked by the colonizing and fighting over meagre, barely habitable rocks to prevent their acquisition by other factions.
Bjaki meet Makkuth Bjaki from Bjaki stumble on Makkuth in space. Conflict ensues, though neither knows where the homeworld of the other is.
Bjaki find Makkuth Exploratory forces from the Bjaki Federation stumble upon Jangijul and attempt contact. The Makkuth are horrified that their are aliens in their orbit and fighting ensues. The Bjaki withdraw and decide to leave the Makkuth alone. The Makkuth culture responds xenophobically and the race begins to push for accelerated exploration and conquest in space to "get them before they get us".
Makkuth - Pandarans Makkuth invasion forces discover the primitive, inhabited world of Pandarus. Acquisition is quick and easy and the Pandarans prove to be congenial workers.
Makkuth - Skalds Makkuth stumble on a Chesh Tarkha colony and invade. The Skalds quickly rally around the Chesh Tarkha to drive back the new alien menace. The conflict lasts for some time and much territory and technology gradually changes hands.
Penetrator Beam As the Skald - Makkuth conflict continues, the Yanti Rikiru Mirashesh develop the devastating Penetrator. The Skalds are able to significantly drive back the Makkuth before in-fighting leads to the dissolution of the Skald union and war between the Chesh Tarkha and Yanti Rikiru.

Archaic Times
Kharkosanth Empire forms. Rebel Iliene and Humans leave Bjaki space with a handful of stolen ships. Led by Cyarkos Rhulson, "The Black Admiral", they eventually settle a planet they name Cyarkos, starting the Kharkosanth Empire. A run-in with a Makkuth expeditionary force leads to conflict.
Makkuth - Bjaki Conflict Makkuth raid outlying Bjaki settlements. Caraconcil falls. The Federation moves hard on the invaders and Caraconcil is eventually recaptured.
Makkuth - Celendriennes Makkuth forces discover and invade Amravas and Arutukan. The Celendriennes become part of the Makkuth Dynasty.
Skald - Makkuth

A Skald alliance, including the Chesh Tarkha, Yanti Rikiru, and Democratic Republic of Domos, begins a large offensive against the perceived threat the Makkuth pose through their constant expansion. The Skalds begin to do some damage and they send aggressive expeditionary forces to search out Makkuth worlds.

  Aggressive Skald probes looking for Makkuth worlds to attack discover the Y’Hotha Alliance. The Skald alliance crumbles as the Chesh Tarkha are intent on assimilating the Y’Hotha, the Yanti Rikiru want to concentrate on crushing the Makkuth, and Domos allies with the Kingdom of Lissing to shore up Llothu defenses against the unknown aliens.
  The Chesh Tarkha attack the Y'Hotha Alliance, intent on conquest of the advanced but seemingly militarily weak empire.

Still slightly reeling from fighting the Skald, a conflict which still lingers in lesser intensity against the Yanti Rikiru, the Makkuth aggressively look for new worlds to bolster their power base. They discover the Y’Hotha, who are still at war with the Chesh Tarkha. Through new-found Celendrienne diplomacy, they ally with the Y’Hotha against the common threat of the Skalds.

Makkuth - Celendriennes After protracted negotiation, manipulation, and sabotage, Amravas gains her independence from the Makkuth Dynasty, in part due to the stress on the Dynasty caused by Skald aggression, and becomes the sole independent Celendrienne world.
  The Makkuth - Y'Hotha alliance is doing well, driving the Skalds back out of traditionally Makkuth territories; however, the Makkuth want to smash, conquer, and exact revenge, while the Y’Hotha are satisfied with driving away their foes. From frustration and thoughtless impulse, the Makkuth attack the Y’Hotha.
  As the Makkuth drag themselves into war with the Y'Hotha Alliance, the Skalds fragment. The Chesh Tarkha suddenly ally with the Makkuth, obsessed with conquering the Y'Hotha. The Yanti Rikiru are still intent on smashing Makkuth power in the region and are joined by Domos, who see an opportunity to seize some regional power and have now actively sided with the Y’Hotha. The complicated conflict drives to a stalemate as resources and combatants become exhausted.
Makkuth - Skald - Core After a protracted break from interstellar war, the Makkuth and Chesh Tarkha decide to expand their power base and supplement their resources outside the Farrago, raiding Core Commonwealth outworlds.

Bjaki - Makkuth Makkuth forces raid Bjaki Federation outlying settlements at Whinakai and Caraconcil.
Kharko - Makkuth Kharkosanth exploratory forces run into Makkuth. The Makkuth attack and the Karkosanths declare war. They push into Makkuth space and capture several planets, including Jangijul and Azathoul.
Letith Independence With the Makkuth Dynasty reeling under the assault of the Kharkos, the world of Letith, with the support of the Celendrienne world of Amravas, secedes from the Dynasty, becoming the only independent Makkuth world. The two worlds informally agree to help each other where possible.
Kharko - Makkuth The Makkuth, through the Celendriennes, enlist the aid of the Y’Hotha Alliance and Skalds to combat the “invading menace”. Eventually, the Kharkosanths are held and driven back slightly with the recapture of Azathoul by the TriAlliance. They agree to back off. A tenuous alliance between the Makkuth, Y’Hotha, and Skalds remains to defend their common space.
Makkuth - Core - Bjaki Makkuth Tri-alliance, with Skalds and Y’Hotha, begin to probe Core Commonwealth and Bjaki outworlds, focusing on the Commonwealth. TriAlliance forces land troops on Rauxis. Combined Commonwealth and Bjaki forces launch a massive counterattack, retaking Rauxis, capturing Azathoul, and smashing the TriAlliance force to pieces.

There is a falling out amongst the TriAlliance over the  poor Makkuth strategy and choice of targets and there is intermittent conflict between the Skalds and Makkuth before the TriAlliance is restored.

Makkuth assault San Jorge Industries The Makkuth alliance probing attacks reveal a promising target in the independently held system of Anabasis and the high tech manufacturing business there. The relative small size of the facilities actually make them easier to defend and the corporations influential business contacts and the opportune presence of mid-level Bjaki military purchasers guarantees swift reinforcements from both Bjaki and Commonwealth forces.

Modern Times
Kharkosanth conflict with San Jorge industries Kharkosanth "exploratory" ships enter the Anabasis system. Still touchy from the Makkuth invasion at the end of Antiquity, San Jorge attacks first. Fighting ensues, followed by diplomatic intervention by the Commonwealth.
Gia Estella born. Born on the Bjaki outpost of Whinakai, Gia's youth is influenced by the wild, natural beauty and rugged territory of Whinakai. By her teens, Gia is only influenced to leave for more central worlds and make something of herself.
Skegslie Accord The Makkuth drag the Tri-Alliance into a war against the Ourii Holdfast. Initial recon indicated that, using land bases on the tiny colony of Skegslie, the Ourii homeworld of Tessera would be an easy target. The Ourii proved that wrong. The Ourii kick ass, given the small territory they defend, their tenacity, and last-minute aid from the Core.
Makkuth - Skalds - Y'Hotha Seeing Makkuth as vain, stubborn, authoritarian, and poor military leaders after the defeat at Skegslie, the Y’Hotha and Skalds ally against them. War ensues.
TriAlliance reforms Celendriennes negotiate a renewed, tenuous union between the Makkuth Dynasty, Y'Hotha Alliance, and Skalds.
TriAlliance - Zvetaku A renewed Makkuth Tri-Alliance probes the Zvetaku settlements in the Cold Frontier, seeing an easier target than the Commonwealth, a rich source of new technologies and land, and a strategic staging area to invade the Bjaki and Core. Valentholo is invaded.