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The mission:

  • develop an accessible, flexible, and detailed Science Fiction shared world

  • develop a stable of great writers, artists, and developers all helping build each others' skills

  • develop a collection of great stories, art, games, and resources for the entertainment of individuals and independent developers

  • promote and explore a variety of methods of sharing stories including hypertext fiction and interactive and automated story-telling in a Massively Multiplayer Online world.

What We Need

What Black Admiral Is

Black Admiral is a "shared universe" in a science fiction setting.

It is a community where any writer, artist, or interested party can make a lasting contribution. It is a consistent setting where writers, artists, programmers, and developers can play and collaborate, working together to sharpen their skills and grow an other-place with a life all its own. 

If you don't have big talents, then you're welcome to bring your big ideas and see them become part of something big, something permanent.

What Black Admiral Will Be

Ultimately, Black Admiral seeks to become a background that exists within a variety of forms of media.

Alone, it should stand as an exceptional, open source canon which demonstrates what creative minds can build together.

In traditional media terms, it will provide a long-term and public venue through which artists and writers can showcase their works and hone their talents. It may eventually become involved in paper publishing.

It will explore new technologies and examine ways in which new media  can be used to share a world. It will spawn an enthralling interactive world for people to create around and play in.


What We're Looking For

Diversity, plain and simple.

We want to create a big, bad universe and see how far people are capable of taking it. Here are some thoughts on atmosphere.

We'd like contributions from men and women for young and old, with a variety of slants on the Science Fiction genre from hard Sci-Fi to romantic, dark, political, or edgy. We'd love to see novels and short stories, drawings and paintings and CGI, graphic novels, games and game assets, or whatever media, new or old, captures your interest. We also encourage the use of new media types like "Hypertext Fiction".

What are YOU capable of?