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Spread liberally throughout the galaxy, humans are a diverse lot that seem to enjoy nothing better than colonizing an area, turning it into an empire, and then having a bunch of other humans split off from that group to go start an entirely different empire somewhere else. It is practically impossible to determine the exact origin of the race as they are well spread and very diversified in the places they have built, destroyed, rebuilt, and merged into various civilizations and political structures throughout the galaxy. 

Humans are extremely adaptable and tend to specialize to suit their surroundings. They can develop into exceptional leaders, warriors, scientists, or businessmen. In other circumstances, they are excellent pack thinkers, excelling at mediocrity and not standing out from a crowd of their fellows.  

The Humans share extremely similar DNA with the Bjaki and Celendriennes.


Humans of the Kharkosanth Empire tend to be dark haired and dark skinned. Millennia ago, they split and settled Cyarkos with a group of dark Iliene. They are very intelligent and aggressive, believing that the only way to save the universe (and consequently themselves) from entropy and the ongoing hostilities of its inhabitants is to enslave and structure said inhabitants. Kharko humans are exceptionally tough, strong, and vicious fighters from a highly militaristic society.

The Skalds are short, wide, solidly built humans whose culture has evolved in the Farrago around the harsh and ecologically competitive world of Llothu. The Skalds are naturally aggressive and divisive, their homeworld having spawned four unique galactic powers that, depending on prevailing political climate, work together, separately, or against each other. The empires of the Skalds include the Yanti Rikiru, Chesh Tarkha, the Kingdom of Lissing, and the Democratic Republic of Domos.

Stewart is a harsh, hard, dry world consisting of rock and sand and having an immense gravity. Settled millenia ago by humans that adapted and evolved to suit the climate. Stewarts are a short, immensely strong, proud sub-class of average humankind. Survivors, warriors, and farmers. In archaic times, the Stewarts fought a brief guerilla war against the early Kharkosanth Empire. Their determination and prowess lead the Kharkos to approach them with a non-agression pact and offers of trade.

During prehistory, humans settled Valgarad, Caragon, and Galadras, spreading in from the Prodigal Void. At some point in the murky past calamity struck and the entire colonization effort was thrown back into the dark ages, completely isolated. Life on Valgarad and Caragon struggled on, while Galadras died out entirely. The Valgarad grew to eventually rebuild a small, struggling trade empire on their warm, agricultural worlds. They grew to rebuild Galadras and colonize Tiaramyu. With the coming of the Makkuth and Skalds, the Valgarad became enslaved workers and assemblers, little more than a commodity to be captured and traded by the other empires of the Farrago.