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Physical Description
A race evolved on Arutukan in the Farrago with DNA similarities to both the Bjaki and Humans. They invariably have dark skin and hair and bright tan eyes. The Celendriennes evolved somewhat shorter than their human and Bjaki cousins, standing 46 to 56 on average. Their arms and legs are slightly longer than those of similarly proportioned Humans and their heads more elongated with pointier chins and more prominent brows. 

The Celendrians evolved recently and rapidly, by nature an intelligent race that thrives on manipulating the world and inhabitants around them. They developed a fairly advanced culture, crawling to the nearby worlds of Tetikan and Amravas. The three worlds subsequently developed their own diverse cultures, trading amongst themselves. Their culture developed around money, trade, gathering of resources, and manipulative politics. With lesser technology and a sensibility that saw world-to-world warfare as impractical, the Celendriennes were conquered by the Makkuth relatively easily. They are a highly adaptable, intelligent, and diplomatic race who soon wormed their way out slavery. Their highly adaptable nature and ability to manipulate those around them soon lead them to spot of honour in the Makkuth Dynasty, performing the more social aspects of empire that regularly escape the Makkuth, such as diplomacy and trade. As members of the Makkuth Dynasty, they are often granted the position of Ceryn, or local administrator, and sometimes even granted holdings, or Sulies, of their own. In a modern context, many Celendriennes are content to live within the structure of the Makkuth Dynasty.

During late Ancient times, the planet of Amravas was able to break free of the influence of the Makkuth Dynasty and become the sole independent Celendrienne world. They would later assist the planet of Letith to secede from the Dynasty as well to become the sole independent Makkuth world.

The Celendriennes are a race conquered and absorbed by the Makkuth and integrate into their culture as diplomats, traders, and quiet manipulators. Celendriennes from Amravas live independently under their own government and have an informal agreement to cooperate with the independent Makkuth world of Letith.

Base combat is a bit of a mystery to the Celendriennes and they meet opponents with intrigue, manipulation, diplomacy, bribery, subterfuge, and sabotage.