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Prodigal Void

An area running through the center of the galactic arm that has an exceptional number of conveniently habitable worlds. Races lucky enough to evolve in this area of space could not help but flourish with its rich resources, bountiful land, and social neighbours. This is "civilized space", containing the Core Commonwealth, Bjaki Federation, and Spinward Confederacy. It contains many large, powerful corporations that spread technology, consumer goods, and wealth through employment. 

The Prodigal Void is marked by relative political stability and provides a positive atmosphere for business, trade, and scientific development. Generally, the governments of the Prodigal Void get along well and engage in active trade of goods and technologies. They most often attempt to resolve differences diplomatically rather than through expensive armed conflict.

The two largest empires in the Prodigal Void are the Core Commonwealth and the Bjaki Federation, in no small part to their historically working together from their first contact in Ancient times. They have driven each other politically, technologically, and financially.

The Spinward Confederacy is an "upstart young empire", split from the Core Commonwealth in mid-Archaic times. Historically, there have been armed conflict between the two empires and tensions still exist, though the impracticality of interstellar war and political pressure from organizations like the UTP prevent further conflict of any significant size. The Bjaki Federation, while closely allied with the Core Commonwealth, trades quietly with the Spinward Confederacy.

During their initial meetings in Ancient times, the Humans that would go on to found the Core Commonwealth found themselves in limited war with the Ptatl. Over the millennia, the two have become comfortable trade partners.

Almost throughout known history, the Makkuth Dynasty has incurred on the Prodigal Void launching probing attacks and small invasions of planets and private interests in the Bjaki Federation and Core Commonwealth.

Members of the Zvetaku Creed have a fairly friendly relationship with the Core Commonwealth and undertake relatively neutral trade with both Bjaki and Confederacy worlds where they find it convenient.

Trade & Technology
Trade is well developed and well regulated within the Prodigal Void. The Core and Bjaki trade openly while the Bjaki and Spinward Confederacy trade quietly. Under the auspices of the UTP, trade between individual planets of various empires, including between standing members of the Core and Confederacy, is guaranteed. Immense corporations control entire worlds and move goods and technologies to whatever planets and sectors a market exists to be exploited.

Technology develops rapidly in rich, stable corporations and governments and spreads rapidly through open trade. The Prodigal Void tends to develop, or at least acquire, all of the latest cutting edge technologies. Proprietary technologies are difficult to protect, as no limits are placed on the use of others' ideas or inventions. Corporate espionage and intrigue are fairly common, particularly between governments and larger corporations like Azatlath Advanced Construction and Tzar Industries.

During prehistoric times, intelligent races including the Humans, Bjaki, and Iliene crawled off their homeworlds and trudged slowly to the stars, beginning to colonize and expand their empires, some into other sectors like the Farrago and Badlands. At one point or many, calamity struck and the First Settlers became cut off from one another in a galactic Dark Age. The isolated settlers grew and evolved on their own, separate islands in a cold, black sea. It was with some surprise that Ancient explorers discovered worlds populated by their own kind, though it often lead to convenient trade and the rapid formation of new galactic empires.

Ancient Times
Bjaki meet Iliene Bjaki from Bjaki meet Iliene from Memphix and ally.
Bjaki meet Makkuth Bjaki from Bjaki stumble on Makkuth in space. Conflict ensues, though neither knows where the homeworld of the other is.
InterSOL Trade forms A coalition of wealthy individuals and small corporations from Bjaki and Epagon consolidate with the intent of providing inter-system banking and loans, primarily to fund trade and exploration.
Tzar Industries forms Beginning with small take-overs of local manufacturers and distributors on the world of Zanya, Tzar Industries quickly became a major mass-market supplier. They spread aggressively throughout civilized and frontier worlds.
Bjaki and Humans meet  They get along quite well.
Azatlath Advanced Construction forms The world of Hala has its name officially changed to Azatlath, as the world-driving industrial design and production business run by the Azatlath clan began to market off-world.
Bjaki Federation forms The planets Epagon, Memphix, and Bjaki unite under a common banner.
Drayquin Designs forms A small manufacturing firm on Menjur goes big-time as it finalizes deals to begin designing and producing starships for the fledgling Bjaki Federation.
Ptatl and Humans meet. Human forces based off Stroud encounter Ptatl expeditionary force from Akilim for the first time. Conflict due to misunderstanding leads to very limited war, dragging in several surrounding planets. At the end of it all, both sides agree not to fight anymore and start trading.
Bjaki find Makkuth Exploratory forces from the Bjaki Federation stumble upon Jangijul and attempt contact. The Makkuth are horrified that their are aliens in their orbit and fighting ensues. The Bjaki withdraw and decide to leave the Makkuth alone. The Makkuth culture responds xenophobically and the race begins to push for accelerated exploration and conquest in space to "get them before they get us".
Core Commonwealth forms  Bryden, Kobold, and Tengadi band together to form the Commonwealth. Ignatius would join soon after.
Zyfinbek Mercantile forms. Pol Zyfinbek leaves an executive position with InterSOL Trade Bank to focus on more tangible activities involving trade development, exploration, and colonization. The corporation is an instant success, opening decentralized branch offices throughout the inhabited galaxy.

Archaic Times
Nano-Cybernetix forms. Sharp-minded entrepreneur Lucil Fromm pulled together his dream of driving cutting edge science farther forward and getting rich while doing it. He recruited key minds from the thriving educational and science industries on Memphix, providing them with the opportunity, resources, and motivation to produce remarkable and functional products for a starving market.
Kharkosanth Empire forms. Rebel Iliene and Humans leave Bjaki space with a handful of stolen ships. Led by Cyarkos Rhulson, "The Black Admiral", they eventually settle a planet they name Cyarkos, starting the Kharkosanth Empire.
Makkuth - Bjaki Conflict Makkuth raid outlying Bjaki settlements. Caraconcil falls. The Federation moves hard on the invaders and Caraconcil is eventually recaptured.
Volto-Avaiga forms Perceiving discord and threat from sources like the Makkuth and Kharkos, and somewhat afraid that the Kharkosanth opinions regarding the inadequacy of the still-nepotistic Bjaki Armada, a group of business interests put forth the time and effort to structure and staff an independent security firm. The consortium gathered funds and support and put the fledgling business in the hands of experienced Bjaki Commodore Hurukei Avaiga and astute business owner Czerek Volto. Together, they would form an almost legendary bond and build one the foremost private security organization in the galaxy.
Spinward Confederacy forms Feeling that the Core Commonwealth is cold, irresponsible, and unresponsive to members, righteous rebels break away and claim the Commonwealth settlement of Silver, renaming it Garrison and proclaiming it to be the Spinward Nation. The Commonwealth, seeing the action as frivolous madness on the fringe, sends a couple of minor warships and some diplomats.
Jorum joins the Confederacy. Jorum secedes from the Commonwealth to join the Garrison colony and christen the Spinward Confederacy. The Commonwealth sends an armed taskforce to straighten the mess out and reclaim their colonies. Conflict ensues.
The Lexicon Group forms. The world of Menjur is split, with the dominant continental government of Sarisland wanting to join the Spinward Confederacy and the less powerful governments of Khekaita and Frigetauja wanting to remain a member of the Core Commonwealth. The Lexicon Group appears mysteriously, actively changing the face of the disagreement between the continental governments and keeping Menjur in the Commonwealth. After disappearing again for several years, an organization calling itself The Lexicon Group slowly and quietly began building a network of both visible and secret offices throughout the inhabited galaxy.
Hadjel joins the Confederacy The world of Hadjel is appalled at the Commonwealth use of force against the upstart Spinward Confederacy and worried that the Commonwealth will use the precedent to bully all of its members. Hadjel secedes from the Commonwealth and joins the Confederacy.
Spinward - Bjaki Confederacy sends emissaries to the Bjaki Federation and trade quietly begins. The upstart Confederacy is officially recognized and the Commonwealth begrudgingly leaves them alone.
Makkuth - Skald - Core Forces of the Makkuth aligned with Skald factions raid Core Commonwealth outworlds, further detracting attention from the fledgling Spinward Confederation and giving them room to grow.

Ignatius Solutions forms Ignatius Solutions forms on the Commonwealth world of Ignatius. They are an association of business and science interests intent on providing software and hardware for the IntelligNet.
Bjaki - Kharkosanth Bjaki Federation stumbles on Kharkosanth fringe settlements. They’re still kind of tender about the whole separation thing and launch a tentative "recovery force". Brief and limited war ensues.
Core - Confed - UTP Isolated but ongoing conflicts between the Confederacy and Commonwealth continue to escalate to the brink of war. Individual worlds from both empires, tired of politics interfering with their livelihoods, form the UTP and lever both sides for peace and stability.
San Jorge Industries forms. A consortium of small manufacturing interests move into the Anabasis system, under the guidance of business magnate San Jorge. They hollow out a massive asteroid, processing and selling the ore, and set up San Jorge Industries.
Bjaki - Makkuth Makkuth forces raid Bjaki Federation outlying settlements at Whinakai and Caraconcil.
Flint-Grimaldi forms  
Makkuth - Core - Bjaki Makkuth Tri-alliance, with Skalds and Y’Hotha, begin to probe Core Commonwealth and Bjaki outworlds, focusing on the Commonwealth. TriAlliance forces land troops on Rauxis. Combined Commonwealth and Bjaki forces launch a massive counterattack, retaking Rauxis, capturing Azathoul, and smashing the TriAlliance force to pieces.
Makkuth assault San Jorge Industries The Makkuth alliance probing attacks reveal a promising target in the independently held system of Anabasis and the high tech manufacturing business there. The relative small size of the facilities actually make them easier to defend and the corporations influential business contacts and the opportune presence of mid-level Bjaki military purchasers guarantees swift reinforcements from both Bjaki and Commonwealth forces.

Modern Times
Kharkosanth conflict with San Jorge industries Kharkosanth "exploratory" ships enter the Anabasis system. Still touchy from the Makkuth invasion at the end of Antiquity, San Jorge attacks first. Fighting ensues, followed by diplomatic intervention by the Commonwealth.
Gia Estella born. Born on the Bjaki outpost of Whinakai, Gia's youth is influenced by the wild, natural beauty and rugged territory of Whinakai. By her teens, Gia is only influenced to leave for more central worlds and make something of herself.
Skegslie Accord The Makkuth drag the Tri-Alliance into a war against the Ourii Holdfast. Initial recon indicated that, using land bases on the tiny colony of Skegslie, the Ourii homeworld of Tessera would be an easy target. The Ourii proved that wrong. The Ourii kick ass, given the small territory they defend, their tenacity, and last-minute aid from the Core.
Stroud Alliance quietly forms. Members of the Stroud and Centin planetary governments begin to talk quietly about their common plight as minor members of huge empires and how they may help each other gain independence and power. Centin withdraws from the Spinward Confederacy.
Core piracy Piracy near Twilight sector reaches epidemic proportions. Defense assets are relocated from the Makkuth frontier to combat the threat and large scale military recruitment becomes necessary.