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Makkuth Dynasty
The Makkuth are an aggressive, invasive species. Through their evolution, expansion to new territories and the conquest and exploitation of others have been key to their survival, first on the harsh and competitive world of Mallef and later at large in the Farrago sector.

The Celendriennes, originally a conquered race, live within the Dynasty as official mediators and traders, while the Pandarans are subjugated and little more than labour. The Makkuth have been traditionally and intermittently aligned with or at war with the Y'Hotha Alliance and the Skalds, conquering and trading the worlds of smaller alliances like the Valgarads. They have come in conflict with many other major empires, including the Core Commonwealth, the Bjaki Federation, and the Kharkosanth Empire.
Makkuth Dynasty
LocationThe Farrago
Capital PlanetMallef
Government Aristocracy
Tech Level Modern
Composition Makkuth
Planets Arutukan

The Makkuth have a traditional court structure. The ruling class, called the Douge, is composed of families that have garnered sufficient power, in the form of land holdings, underlings, and favour of the existing Douge, to warrant inclusion. Makkuth have the power to rearrange the holdings of anyone below themselves on the social heirarchy, manipulating the power structure to their liking and providing reward and punishment to their underlings.

At the top of the Douge is the Gwaeryn, a figure with nominally total power, though the mandate for the Gwaeryn’s control is gained through actual personal power swaying the other Douge to accept them as “king”. The Gwaeryn has the power to rearrange the holdings and underlings belonging to pretty much anyone in the Makkuth Dynasty, though actual tampering with the holdings of other Douge generally leads to conflict, intrigue, and sometimes the displacement of the Gwaeryn. 
Below the Gwaeryn are the Sul, who have ancestral or granted holdings, called Sulies, of land and underlings. They range from remotely located minor holdings that grant the Sul little power with the Douge to powerful Makkuth who have Sulies on par with the Gwaeryn.  

The Gwaeryn will remain in power until he dies or, more likely, is displaced. It is his duty to name his Sulkuths, who act as official advisers and a pool of candidates to replace him. Powerful Suls will often attempt to sway the Gwaeryn’s choice of Sulkuths. Suls maintain local, personal armies that together form the Makkuth armed forces. There is much intrigue and social politic among the Douge, with power often residing in the hands of those with the most friends, who can therefore muster the most troops and control the most territory. Some Suls choose not to become Gwaeryn, instead manipulating and controlling from a more non-descript and safer vantage.

The Sul will generally break their holdings down into manageable sections called Sulyns and appoint Ceryns and Turyns to run them. Turyns are given charge of infrastructure, enforcement, and the defense of a Sulyn. Ceryns are in charge of economics, administration, and legal matters. The Ceryn and Turyn of a Sulyn are expected to work together to make things run smoothly and conflict between them is settled directly by the Sul.  

The next down on the Makkuth social ladder, and officially out of the Douge, are the Celeth, local administrators appointed by the Turyn and Ceryn to run things within a Sulyn. Common Makkuth fall below them and are called Nach.  

Non-Makkuth are generally treated with disdain and grouped below the Nach. Honoured or respected aliens are given the title Tindakuth and treated based on their contribution to Makkuth society, occasionally becoming minor Suls.  

There are several levels of slave class, determined by the slave’s duties and whether or not they are native Makkuth.  

The Makkuth Dynasty is an aggressive empire. Their lifestyle is based on the conquest and suppression of others and needs conquest in order to grow and thrive. First, because they have no concept of possession beyond land and underlings, they need a constant supply of new lands and beings to exploit as their currency of power. Without it, their society tends to slip into squabbles and civil wars. In essence, the expenditure of resources for invasion is not a consideration, as territory and underlings are the primary fuel for their economy. The Gwaeryn will often placate his Douge with crusades in search of new territory, promising them reward for participation. Second, their culture is based on competition in a hostile food web. They have always survived by exploiting the strengths of other species. In their It is in their racial subconscious makeup that without new species to exploit, their race will die. They have always had the idea that their sun is hostile and jealous, that it is near the end of its life and will die out soon and without warning. They feel a need to expand to save the race.