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Physical Description
The Bjaki are tall, thin, pale, and delicate. Their faces tend to be sharp-featured and small-eyed, their hair dark and their ears disproportionately small. They move with elegance and precision. 

Bjaki DNA is very similar to that of the Humans and the Celendriennes.

The Bjaki are all about art and learning and the creation and maintenance of complex systems and technologies. They are governmental and not above artful scheming. While not traditionally militaristic or effective fighters in their own right, they are great planners and strategists and excel at combining and exploiting the strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics of other races. They are fantastic designers and city builders, so long as someone else is doing the actual building.

While not lazy, the Bjaki are not physical. They prefer planning over implementing, designing over constructing, and art over assembly.

A True democracy in which societal decisions are voted on in constant, ongoing Referendums that are a matter of course in daily life in the Bjaki Federation. Ongoing polls are open on the publicly accessible IntelligNet. Each member of society has one vote toward making each decision. Citizens may change their vote any time and as many times as they want before the predetermined date of decision, when all votes become final. Most polls are instigated by members of the Administration, though any Citizen can instigate a poll at any time. Polls have a finite amount of time to elicit interest. If Citizens vote in them, they remain alive. If Citizens seem uninterested, the poll dies. If a poll reaches its conclusion date when all votes become final, the Administration is bound to implement the result.

Yearly Leadership Referendums choose an Administrator that oversees the government, organizes the Administration, and facilitates the carrying out of Acclamations. If an Administrator falls below 40% in an ongoing Leadership Acclamation Poll, he's ousted and there's a immediate Leadership Referendum. The ousting of a leader is rare since he's not the one actually making decisions, just implementing those of the Citizenry.

The Bjaki Administration consists of a great variety of Councils and Assemblies that are appointed by polls or the Administration. The Councils and Assemblies work together in concert to promote, discover, develop, explore, negotiate, carry out Acclamations, protect and administrate the Federation, run the armed Forces, and so forth.

The Bjaki Federation is aggressively expansionistic through exploration and negotiation, not conquest. They generally welcome new members and citizens and celebrate other cultures.

In their distant past, the Bjaki developed an extensive and complex pantheon of gods. Worshipped in the infancy of the race, the pantheon is now significant in the race's art, literature, and modern references.

The majority of Bjaki live and participate in the Bjaki Federation, though many chose to live independent lives within the Core Commonwealth or other areas.

The High Bjaki tend to develop very complex structures for their forces, with very specific purposes to their equipment which reinforces and overlaps other equipment. Strategies and tactics are complicated and well thought out. The Bjaki Federation tends to employ Humans and Iliene in the starfleet roles, which provides an extraordinary combination of Human audacity and spontaneity and Iliene semi-psionic awareness and co-ordination.  Their starships are very well designed and focused in purpose. Humans and Balithrim both make excellent ground troops, particularly when organized with semi-psionic Iliene. 

Traditionally, the Bjaki were a court-based society and were encumbered by nepotism and the handing out of important government positions based on social position. This occurred, to some degree, even into Archaic times before the Bjaki finally built their True Democracy. In part, this was responsible for Cyarkos Rhulson leading the migration that would form the Kharkosanth Empire