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The Balithrim share a distant common ancestry with the Iliene, evolving on the larger southern continent of their common homeworld, Memphix. Their habitat ranged from jungle to sub-arctic. The Iliene evolved and developed an advanced civilization more quickly on the harsher, colder northern continent. The early Iliene discovered their younger cousins and formed immediate bonds with them. The Iliene would bring technology, better architecture and weapons to the primitive Balithrim as well as providing that "tingly brain sensation" when they were around. The Balithrim were huge, powerful, intimidating, and helpful which provided the Iliene with good stout labour and significant physical aid against aggressive northern predators. Over the following millenia, the Iliene and Balithrim developed and grew together. Traditionally, they shook fruits, nuts, and animals from trees as a food source and hunted with throwing weapons, waiting patiently for prey.

Physical Description
Huge 6 8 foot tall, muscular. The hair which covers their entire body helps with temperature regulation. The hair adapts to the surrounding climate rapidly, growing new and shedding old within a few weeks of consistent climate change. The hair growing from the sides of their heads and from their chins does not shed, however, and long hair and naturally pointy beards are traditionally fashionable. They have thick-skulled, dual lobed heads. Their legs are short, giving them a low center of gravity and natural stability. They have long, muscular arms.

Calm and moderated. Work ethic in the face of adversity has carried them through the ages. Their evolutionary union with the Iliene has helped them develop a "backseat" personality, letting smarter races take the lead. They're not great planners or innovators but they understand the higher plans of others well, with their plodding and methodical mentality, and are somewhat hard to dupe. They have a good sense of what's good for them and won't generally act counter to that. They tend to be empathetic and work well with the environment around them, merging in and becoming integral. Their strength, tireless work ethic, and empathy make them excellent colonists.

They have a strong sense of union, of belonging, of groups. They are empathetic and sympathetic, tending to live in their surroundings with compassion and care. Many stay within the Bjaki Federation while some travel, work, and live independently throughout the universe.