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Core Commonwealth

The Core Commonwealth is a large, welcoming, self-protecting commonwealth of worlds maintaining trade lanes and government programs "for the people". They are established under the assumption that "the universe is a bad place full of good people". It mostly allows members to maintain independent local government and go about whatever business they wish, so long as they maintain minimum Commonwealth standards and pay their annual dues. Cultures and mores are allowed to grow on their own. The Commonwealth provides protection, trade, and technology.

Critics say that they don't do enough. As a powerful union of worlds, they should be more aggressive. Make social change. Right wrongs. Expand by military. Crush empires that are too aggressive or inhumane. Explore more. Cure disease. Elevate the poor. The centralized government of the Core Commonwealth maintains the Trade Guard to protect trade routes, the Core Armada, active administrative and legislative governments, the Core Trade Council, and the Commonwealth Council of Sciences. They are ultimately a band of worlds united to share wealth, knowledge, military protection, and resources.
Core Commonwealth
LocationProdigal Void
Capital PlanetBryden
GovernmentCommonwealth of Planets
Tech Level Ultra-modern
Composition Human
Mixed Immigrants
Planets Azathoul
Currency is predominantly paperless and wireless. The Core Commonwealth, along with the Bjaki Federation, are one of the leading facilitators of the IntelligNet. Every citizen has universal access to the Net and data follow that stores personal information including their identity and credit. While currency is paperless, it is denominated to facilitate purchases at various expense levels. 1,000,000 Talents = 1,000 Stocks = 1 Flash

The Core Armada and Trade Guard
The Core Armada encompasses both starfaring and ground forces. The Armada is responsible for the defence of member worlds, for Commonwealth exploration and colonization efforts, and for the exploration and establishment of official new Commonwealth trade lanes. They maintain a small merchant fleet responsible for the carrying of Core-critical supplies.

The Armada also includes the specialized Trade Guard that protect the Commonwealth trade lanes and enforce the laws of the Trade Council. The trade guard act as tax collectors and monitor and bill traffic through Commonwealth wormholes.

The Armada sees itself as a protective force, a force of exploration, and the key to the safety and structure of the Commonwealth.

The Core Trade Council regulates and facilitates trade between members and non-members of the Commonwealth. They provide negotiation services between the Commonwealth and other individuals, planets, and empires. They are essentially a legislative and administrative organization, making the policies and laws of trade in the commonwealth, while the Trade Guard is responsible for enforcement and collections. The Core Trade Council is also responsible for collection of taxes from member governments and businesses.

Commonwealth Council of Sciences
An administrative council established to develop, promote, and manufacture high technology. They decide what technologies and projects should be developed, run research, and allocate funding. They appoint sub-councils and wholly-owned sub-corporations to carry out their directives.

Administrative Government
The Core Government takes care of records, registrations, and personal taxations. It sets the tone for and initiates action in the name of the Commonwealth. It maintains vast offices on Bryden. The head of the Core Government and nominal head of the Core Commonwealth is the President, elected by Parliament. Parliament is made up of Representatives from each member world, with each Representative representing a territory on a planet. Territories are generally delineated based on population. 

Businesses and incorporations must register with the Core Admin in order to operate within the Core Commonwealth, with its members, or within its space. Certain activities are regulated or forbidden.

Individuals living within the Commonwealth, within a member state, or within Commonwealth space must register as citizens and pay requisite taxes.

Any starship within Commonwealth space must be registered and meet maintenance standards, maintain a cargo manifest, declare flight intent, and pay passage fees for the use of safe trade lanes and Commonwealth safe-trade lanes.

Legislative Government
The Core Legislature devise loose, base system of rules that are necessary to maintain the Commonwealth. They describe the minimum necessary standards for member worlds within the Commonwealth. Every three years, representatives for a Council of Judges are selected by each member, generally elected by the populace of each member world, though the actual mechanics are up to local government. Every year, the Council of Judges votes amongst itself to declare the High Judge who will provide their direction for the year. The directives they produce cover a variety of topics.

-member states must not work against the good of the Commonwealth

-member states must not engage in genocide or prejudices against their own or other peoples

-works with Core Trade Council to devise trade standards and a list of "black" worlds not to be dealt with.

-maintains a list of "black" technologies that must not be used by member states or individuals

-maintains the standards for sharing developments and determines which technologies may be kept secret and which ones must be proliferated for the good of the Commons