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Physical Description
The Iliene generally stand 5 to 6 feet in height with thin, fragile builds and long stickish limbs ending in three-fingered hands plus opposable thumb. They have long skinny legs and wide, flat feet are split into two-toed "hooves" and they stand with their knees cocked a bit, further reducing their height. They are hairless with thin, translucent skin that comes in a variety of colours from red to gray to black. They have large heads with two loose-skinned, pug-textured lobes. Their faces are low-set on their head. They have big, slanted, almond-shaped black eyes set into a pair of textured bony ridges that taper together into a wide flat nose. Their lips are very thin and range from pale purple to bluish depending on their skin colour. Their ears are like gill-holes hidden in their head-folds. Their hearing is weak but their thin skin is naturally sensitive to vibrations and consequently sound waves. They sense conversation more than hear it.

Their brains are small, compact, and efficient. A particularly active outer layer of their brains, the vociferate cortex, is dedicated to the broadcasting and receiving of brainwaves. They tend to think and react somewhat collectively. They are not a group mind but cannot help being affected by the minds around them. They gravitate toward and feed off successful individuals, learn skills by osmosis, decide without discussion. They don't hear thoughts so much as have access to "what's Zen". The group thought has largely supplanted emotion as a trigger for action. In the Community, they have an almost eerie sense of things they can't see since they partially sense things perceived by others around them.

Their DNA is very similar to that of the Immasu.

Scientific and mathematical, precise and literal. Sensible, logical, emotionless. Strong, psionic sense of community.

The Kharkosanth Iliene have a darker personality, believing that intelligence and guile are the key to the survival of intelligent races in the face of approaching entropy and chaos. By subjugating and using those around them, they can structure and save the universe.

Generally great pilots but poor explorers. It feels very silent and lonely to be away from "the group". They make decent combat pilots as they sense what's going on and what's going to happen but lack the killer instinct and spontaneity to make bold or daring moves.

The Kharkosanth Iliene are great plotters and schemers. They went a bit crazy when they split from the Community, their new Community is a bit noisy and buzzy.

The Iliene tend to live for the good of the collective whole, the Community, with little regard for individuals. When dealing with other species, heroes are good if they contribute to the Community, bad if they work against it. The Iliene have a natural sense of "right". Leaders are almost pointless, since everyone just kind of knows what they should be doing when, Community decisions just come about.

Due to the uncomfortable psychic silence that occurs when alone, Iliene tend to gather together when possible. They live extensively through the Bjaki Federation and Kharkosanth Empire and have a lesser, though still relatively large, population in the Core Commonwealth. Before the Dark Age, the Iliene formed colonies in the Farrago whose descendants would become the Immasu.

Attitude to Death
Not a big deal. There's a sense that it's the natural order and that the departed lives on in the thoughts of his fellows and lives on in the form of the Community.

Ritual, organized.

Surprisingly limited. Many intents and directives are conveyed through group thought and are unnecessary in vocabulary unless dealing with other races. Emotion words are limited.