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Kharkosanth Empire

The Kharkosanth are an expansionist, militaristic empire with culture based on individual merit. They are named after a predator on Cyarkos, their original colony and capital. They are comprised of a diversity of worlds and beings that have joined in a quest for power, have been subjugated by conquest, or have joined individually as immigrants. They are darkly philosophical and see the universe as doomed to chaos, entropy, and death. War, hatred, and starvation is the ultimate doom of the universe unless the strong and able seize control and maintain order. It is imperative to them that all races unite in strength, with the most capable in command. Their goal is to bring everyone under the Kharkosanth banner, in order to structure and protect them with an expansive set of rules, equal  justice for all, and a powerful military.

At any given time, they will take the opportunity to absorb, conquer, or recruit anyone. They lack the resources for prolonged, full-scale war. Individual worlds trade at their convenience under the scrutiny of the Imperial eye.
Kharkosanth Empire
LocationKharkosanth Frontier
Capital PlanetCyarkos
Government Democratic Empire
Tech Level Modern
Composition Human
Mixed Immigrants
Planets Agizozein
They are generally at odds with everyone around them... the Ptatls, Makkuth, Core Commonwealth, and Bjaki Federation. They are not above allying with any of these powers, however, if it suits their purpose. They have a close trade relationship with the Stewarts.

The Kharkosanth Empire was originally founded by a disenfranchised group of Iliene and Humans splintered from the Bjaki Federation. Led by Cyarkos Rhulson, "The Black Admiral", they made their way from the Bjaki Federation into uncharted space, fleeing the dangers of a weak, directionless society in which mass opinion and nepotism took precedence over truth and personal merit. They settled on an ignored and all-but-forgotten world, NK1901, which was habitable but had such an aggressive, hostile ecosystem that it had been left alone. The Kharkosanth fit right in.

The Kharkosanth government is a "democratic empire". Government is split between elected individuals that tend to make the actual decisions that drive the Empire and councils of experts that devise policies for their areas of expertise. The Emperor-Elect is the official head of the Kharkosanth government, as elected by the entire population of the Empire. He oversees the Tribunes that devise policies and actions that cover every aspect of running the Empire.  When their plans and policies are ratified by the Emperor, they appoint Wardens to carry out specific plans in specific locations. Each planet elects a Governor to oversee the Wardens acting on a planetary scope and each city or geographic region elects a Mayor to oversee the Wardens acting on a regional scope. There is a fine set of checks and balances that allows the Emperor to rapidly and efficiently drive the decision making and action taking of the entire Empire, while including the voice of the Empire's greatest experts and the opinions of the people.

Government agencies, formally called Tributaries, are formed by Tribunes to carry out the policies of the Empire. Well known Tributaries include the Imperial Design Corps and the Imperial Fury.

The Kharkosanth are relatively few in numbers and use other species, including genetically and technologically augmented ones, to fill specific societal and military needs. The original colozination fleet included Humans, Bjaki, Iliene, and Balithrim from the Bjaki Empire. The Kharkosanth population quickly added Makkuth and Olawasi to their initial settlement. In Antiquity, the Kharkosanth would encounter the Irukki and construct a massive orbital forward military post in the Tenoxi system. Nominally, the Kharkosanth would welcome the Irukki into the Empire but they proved to be erratic and uncontrollable to the point where the Kharkosanth would remain friends and trading partners but would limit the Irukki involvement in their military for the good of all. Many independent Irukki move through the Empire in a variety of roles. 

The Kharkosanth Empire lies in a self-proclaimed territory of space known as the Kharkosanth Frontier. They hold a number of worlds in their small empire.