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We are trying to develop a whole new, fully complete, exciting and engrossing mythology created and developed by those who play in it. We want to gather great minds and great talent (or even just enthusiastic minds and talent) that can support and empower others with different skill sets. On most websites and public projects, we have noticed there is a tendency for hard work to get quickly  "shuffled to the back". Black Admiral intends to help promote, showcase, and develop what you do into a permanent, lasting world. 

Ever post your artwork or story on your favourite forums and have it quickly and quietly shuffled to the bottom of page two by the sheer number of new topics? And once you're done your piece, what then? If you don't have the time or patience to shop it around, it essentially sits on your hard drive never to be seen again. I've been through this and find the lack of permanency on the internet a little distressing. There doesn't seem to be anywhere that has the sense of purpose to actually draw the appropriate crowd yet with the flexibility to actually do what you do the way that you do it.

Black Admiral, essentially, offers a playground in which artists can create based off a common mythology. Art and story and idea contributions will be placed permanently in appropriate spots, becoming part of the mythos and part of your portfolio. It's a chance to prove you can produce quality work within flexible guidelines, to prove you can create within a team.

Most people specialize in what they like to do best. By building a world as a group, individuals are free to pursue their specialties and are inevitably supported by the specialties of others. Art generates story ideas, story ideas generate art, and both are valuable resources in a MMOG. Organization and documentation skills guide and structure all of these. Artist, writer, web designer, creative mind, and project manager will all find a home here.

Here, you have the ability to get focused, mature critique when you want it. Feedback comes from other participants who share the same background knowledge and are working, fundamentally, toward the same end.

The Black Admiral universe is intended to be detailed enough to be realistic and engrossing but large and diverse enough to leave everyone the room to create and innovate freely. No one will steal your work, you are basically free from the (sometimes maniacally enforced) copyright laws you'll encounter with a lot of commercial "fan fiction" canons.

Black Admiral encourages experimentation. We love the idea of Hypertext fiction, where, with the click of a mouse, storylines can break off into multiple paths with diverging or parallel storylines. We love the idea of a MMOG, where a world we have created and populated can be brought to life and explored in the first person.