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Bjaki Federation Perhaps the first true democracy ever. Affairs of state are voted on by the populace on an ongoing basis and administered by the central government. Generally progressive and peaceful, the Bjaki Federation is primarily comprised of the High Bjaki, the Iliene, the Humans, and the Balithrim.
Core Commonwealth A large, loosely regulated group of planets administered under a single banner, mostly for the benefit of trade, mutual defense, and scientific endeavour. Loving to organize little groups, they are run by a number of political councils and policed by a variety of forces.
Kayyan Empire A small Empire centered around the Kayyan race.
Kharkosanth Empire An empire founded by a disenfranchised group of Iliene and Humans from the Bjaki Empire. Their basic tenants are that the universe is a harsh, cold place where the poor starve, the weak are exploited, and politicians send young men to die in money-wars. They believe the only way to cleanse the Universe of these evils is to conquer it, structure it, and protect it by force.
Makkuth Dynasty A complex court system where nobles vie for the title of King. Intrigue and manipulation lead to ultimate power and the right to pretty much restructure the entire government at will. 
Ourii Holdfast The Holdfast is run under a split-power system, where "Little Emperors" represent regions. The true Emperor has well respected political clout but is not all-powerful.
Ptatl Shivery The Ptatli government is made up of the most able and appropriate candidates for each position, as determined by testing through official Governmental Colleges. The Ptatl are explorers and colonizers. They are not overtly hostile but will aggressively defend their own territory.
Spinward Confederacy A government which splintered off the Core Commonwealth, seeing the Commonwealth as a slovenly giant that ignored it duty and ability to affect change in the Universe. The Confederacy seeks to be more aggressive and progressive, and less bureaucratic, than its neighbour.  
Skalds From the multi-government world of Llothu, several competing local governments were able to drag their squabbles to the stars and form small stellar empires.  The major Skald powers include the Yanti Rikiru and Chesh Tarkha dictatorships, the Kingdom of Lissing, and the Democratic Republic of Domos.
Stroud Alliance An unofficial, unannounced alliance between three worlds who have decided to prey off former allies, particularly the fringes of the Core Commonwealth and Bjaki Federation. They tend to be ambitious, somewhat poor, and backwater planets desperate to get what they feel they deserve.
Vrudok Empire The Vrudok are comprised of Klekken, or clans, that compete for money and power under the oversight of a loose, weak central administration. They are brutally abusive in an environmental sense, stripping the resources from worlds to build.
Y'Hotha Alliance The Immasu and Ashi-Adacheron maintain a centuries-old relationship that is more a merging of cultures than a simple political alliance.
Zvetaku Creed A religious colonial movement that believes in the creation of perfect beings and perfect worlds by technological modification. They are peaceful, humble, wise, and heavily augmented.