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Amazing open-source 3D modeling and animation program with a built-in physics engine. Used to make all the 3D art on this page.
It's Full of Stars An aged (circa 1998) but very handy little 3D starmapping program. Freeware.
ChView ChView star mapping program.
An open-source office suite. Very similar to MS Office in function and features. 
Serif PhotoPlus Serif Software gives away older versions of their software. This is a very nice, free alternative to PhotoShop

Blender Forums and Tutorials
Elysiun Very nice Blender forums. Nice advice and critique and a very good section on the game engine. Here are a couple fav topics, too...
Doodling thread -- Very cool. Interesting example of what happens if you "just do it".
Modeling Techniques -- Very good advice
Low poly character modeling One of the best tutorials around on creating low-poly hero-type characters.
Hull texture tutorial A good tutorial on creating your own metal-plate texture for starship hulls and such.
3DTotal It's 3d, man. Totally. Extensive tutorials, galleries, etc.
Subdivisionmodeling.com Name says it all. Big list of tutorials.
Second Reality Pro artist... great tutorials, interesting "works" section.
A Byte of Python A great start into Python programming if you're looking to write Python scripts for Blender or the game engine.

3D Art Sites
Desktop Starships Nice art. All starships.
Renderosity A 3D art site. Most of the tutorials focus on pay-to-play programs like Poser and 3D$$$tudio Max but a lot of the galleries are not bad. (They really like Poser).
3DTotal Nice galleries...
This Wonderful Life Liam Kemp. This guy does good work...

For Writers
Nice article How to critique others' work. A must read.
Ralan.com A nice, one-stop site with lots of markets and links to resource sites.

Interactive Fiction
Malinche Entertainment Interactive fiction and an extensive directory of IF from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other genres. 

Tech Sites
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project
Where we're going and how we're gonna get there.
Warp Drive When?
Current and theoretical propulsion technologies in space.
Foresight A nanotech institute. Some interesting reads on not only the technology but the sociological ramifications of it, too.
Defence Update Neat military mag. Lots of the latest technology and trends in fightin' and killin'.

Science Fiction Sites
SciFiMatter.com A searchable science fiction directory. Links are suggested by members rather than culled at random off the net.
The Sci Fi Source Hand-edited science fiction directory. Good resources.
Center for the Study of Science Fiction Some nice resources
Outpost 13 Original SciFi works of Lee Crystal. 3D art and animations, short stories and novels, original music. Apparel and prints of this art is also for sale, and wallpapers and bootskins are free.

MMOG Design Sites
Multiverse In-development MMOG engine. No upfront costs, works through a community portal. Active and intelligent forums.
RealmCrafter An inexpensive MMOG engine. Software is purchased up front.
MMOGMaker.com Unofficial RelamCrafter and MMOG design forums. Active and intelligent.
Kaneva MMOG engine. Forums are all but dead, probably due to its uber-inane licensing policy.
Next Generation The Rules of MMOG design
Eternal Lands Post Mortem Very interesting reflections by a designer/programmer.
MMORPG.com Polls Want to know what people want?

Vegastrike An open source 3D space sim loosely based on good ol' Elite. Can't say enough about the game or the community. Go here. Check it out.
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