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What We Need
ART They don't have to be cinematic masterpieces... really. In particular, we need good, solid artwork to use in the webpage as illustrations of the descriptive text. We can always use good "character", vehicle, and interior/exterior building models.
STORIES Ultimately, that's what this is all about. Taking the background and spinning it into great, original stories. Short stories, novel-length works, serials, and great ideas for storylines and ways to weave complex stories into online games.
IDEAS Bring 'em on.
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Science fiction ain't much good without the science. We need impassioned experts and laymen alike to tell us what the future will be like. What technologies will prevail and how will they affect the way we live? What is possible and what is likely? What will propel the races between the stars? What will provide the power? What will they use to blow each other to bits?
DETAIL While we don't want to stifle creativity by spelling out every detail, we do need a great, original, captivating backdrop full of detailed and developed planets, cities, and cultures. How will products get made and distributed, by whom, and why? What is each planet like and how has civilization evolved on it? How does each empire function and what drives it along?
STUFF Detailed starships, weapons, equipment, corporations and organizations, factions, politics, history, creatures, races, and just about anything that interests you.

Participation Guidelines

Art & Story Submissions
Send us your ideas, your stories, your artwork... anything relevant to the Black Admiral universe.

  • Submissions can be sent to: contribute@blackadmiral.com.
  • Include a subject to distinguish your e-mail from spam, like "Black Admiral Contribution"
  • Please include some contact information and feel free to tell us about you.
  • We won't post anything without your express permission.
  • We can provide no-charge space for "about the artist" pages.
  • We review submissions primarily based on continuity and content. We may make suggestions prior to posting but, in general, if you create it we'll post it here.
  • We will post "non-canonical" or experimental works that purposely twist, alter, or ignore parts of the mythos. Use the background material as you see fit. We'll often adapt the "official" background to fit contributions.
  • Again, we welcome and encourage interactive or speculative fiction. We fully intend to explore new styles of fiction that go beyond traditional print media, such as hypertext fiction where hyperlinks can be used to diverge between concurrent storylines or to tell a single story from multiple points of view. 
  • Don't get too hung up on these guidelines. Make contact, make art, have fun!!

Submitting Ideas and Content to the Shared Universe
The idea is that everyone should contribute ideas, big and small., and make Black Admiral grow. There's room on the dev team for whatever skills you've got!

  • Ideas and background lore can be sent directly by email
  • Include a subject to distinguish your e-mail from spam, like "Black Admiral Contribution"
  • Don't get too hung up on these guidelines. Make contact, make art, have fun!!
Writing and Art 
Basically, we're trying to develop an exciting universe created for the good of all. Common sense should prevail. You own the rights to your work, we have the right to use the content within the Black Admiral universe.
  • You still own your characters, creations, and ideas. We will post what you send us, which constitutes First Internet Publishing Rights but all other rights remain your own. 
  • There are really no guidelines to limit your contributions beyond the background material provided. It should fit at least loosely within the details provided but you're free to explore and modify to make the background fit the story you need to tell.
  • Don't get worried or caught up in the details. There's a lot of pseudo-science mumbo jumbo. The really big intent is to create a workable, plausible terminology that everyone can use as a basis to setting stories in a world that "works and sounds good". If you need a hand getting the gobbledy-gook right, we're here to help. Or just gloss over the details and it'll sound fab.