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Bjaki Federation

A conglomeration of worlds joined together under the Bjaki name for protection and prosperity. The Federation is expansionist but not interested in war. They are aggressive explorers and colonizers and are quite accepting of voluntary new members. Their idea is to gather a group of races and worlds that most perfectly allow the whole Federation to flourish.

A True democracy in which societal decisions are voted on in constant, ongoing Referendums that are a matter of course in daily life in the Bjaki Federation. Ongoing polls are open on the publicly accessible IntelligNet. Each member of society has one vote toward making each decision. Citizens may change their vote any time and as many times as they want before the predetermined date of decision, when all votes become final. Most polls are instigated by members of the Administration, though any Citizen can instigate a poll at any time. Polls have a finite amount of time to elicit interest. If Citizens vote in them, they remain alive. If Citizens seem uninterested, the poll dies. If a poll reaches its conclusion date when all votes become final, the Administration is bound to implement the result.
Bjaki Federation
LocationProdigal Void
Capital PlanetBjaki
Government True Democracy,
Universal Self-Representation
Tech Level Ultra-modern
Composition Bjaki
Mixed Immigrants
Planets Balinino

Yearly Leadership Referendums choose an Administrator that oversees the government, organizes the Administration, and facilitates the carrying out of Acclamations. If an Administrator falls below 40% in an ongoing Leadership Acclamation Poll, he's ousted and there's a immediate Leadership Referendum. The ousting of a leader is rare since he's not the one actually making decisions, just implementing those of the Citizenry.

The Bjaki Administration consists of a great variety of Councils and Assemblies that are appointed by polls or the Administration. The Councils and Assemblies work together in concert to promote, discover, develop, explore, negotiate, carry out Acclamations, protect and administrate the Federation, run the armed Forces, and so forth.

The Bjaki Federation is aggressively expansionistic through exploration and negotiation, not conquest. They generally welcome new members and citizens and celebrate other cultures.

The Bjaki Federation has an unusual history in that it is fundamentally comprised of several races that developed within close proximity of each other. The early days of the Empire were confused by the mixing of cultures but allowed the members to discover and understand the strengths, weaknesses, and benefits of diversity long before the other empires. The High Bjaki came from a stratified social structure, with rich or politically positioned families holding much of the power. The Iliene, with their odd subconscious hive-mind, just kind of worked together and brought the Balithrim with them in a natural symbiosis of brains and brawn, neither subservient to the other. The Humans were an ambitious, determined lot of explorers and settlers who seemed to be present everywhere and could reorganize their social structure on a whim and adapt to respond to any particular crisis that was occurring at the moment. Through Archaic times, there was a mix of competing theories and movements with a combination of democracy and patronage enjoying the popular opinion of both commoner and intellectual elite. Smaller movements felt that it was too early for mass opinion to rule, that the Federation was weak and gullible in the face of a hostile and unknown universe. One of these movements would be lead off by Cyarkos Rhulson and found the Kharkosanth Empire.

The Aegis
The Bjaki fleet and ground forces are comprised of a number of specialized units developed under the resolutions of special military councils. Each branch of the Aegis trains for specialized tasks and works in concert with the others branches as needed,
High Aegis  Bjaki Federation starship forces.
Proximate Arm Bjaki Federation ground forces.
Accrual & Evaluation Bjaki Federation intelligence and covert operations
Expansion and Development Arm Bjaki Federation exploration, colonization, and development of established worlds.
Aegis Patrol Local law-enforcement, peace-keeping, and trade enforcement.  

Miltary Ranks
Fleet Admiral Oversees entire fleet
Admiral Oversees branch of fleet, promoted as necessary to maintain oversight
Commodore Oversees smaller branch of fleet, a lot of supply, provisioning, paperwork
Group Captain Commands operations group
Captain Commands ship
Commander Replacement captain or captain of minor ship
Specialist Replacement commander, specialist in systems operations
Aspirant Junior specialist
Ensign Shipboard generalist and stuff-doer, starting to focus
Able Hand High Enlisted
Technician Low Enlisted

Starship Command Structure
Beyond the formal rank system, the ship's captain will create long-term and short-term plans for the ship's activities. The bridge crew is called the "Watch" and is staffed according to a schedule created by the Captain, who also provides a Day Plan for the ship.

The Watch, depending on the ship, will generally consist of:
Command of the Watch The functional decision maker for the ship for the duration of the watch. In times of crisis, this position generally reverts back to the Captain.
Mate of the Watch The second in command, charged with coordinating and ensuring the COW's orders become reality.
Watch Helmsman Senior Helmsman, in charge of ship handling. 
Lee Helmsman Junior Helmsman, in charge of assisting the Watch Helmsman, carrying out routine Helm chores, and anticipating and performing many of the calculations  required by the WH. 
Situation Officer Senior Situations officer for the watch, in charge of collecting and organizing information for the ship's sensors and scanners and running the ship's defences and communications.
Watch Tactical Action Officer Junior Situations officer, responsible for the ship's weapons and for assuming routine tasks assigned to the Situation Officer.
Watch Quartermaster Junior command officer, responsible for assisting and coordinating other stations and for performing various tasks and calculations.
Flight Control Officer Responsible for coordinating the launching, retrieval, and operations of launched craft.
Watch Proximate Head of on-board security, troops, and ground forces. A member of the Proximate Arm, or ground force, of the Bjaki Federation rather than the High Aegis starfleet.
The Bjaki Federation has historically maintained excellent relations with the Core Commonwealth, both prospering through the sharing of intelligence, technology, and trade.

The High Bjaki tend to develop very complex structures for their forces, with very specific purposes to their equipment which reinforces and overlaps other equipment. Strategies and tactics are complicated and well thought out. The Bjaki Federation tends to employ Humans and Iliene in the starfleet roles, which provides an extraordinary combination of Human audacity and spontaneity and Iliene semi-psionic awareness and co-ordination.  Their starships are very well designed and focused in purpose. Humans and Balithrim both make excellent ground troops, particularly when organized with semi-psionic Iliene

Traditionally, the Bjaki were a court-based society and were encumbered by nepotism and the handing out of important government positions based on social position. This occurred, to some degree, even into Archaic times before the Bjaki finally built their True Democracy. In part, this was responsible for Cyarkos Rhulson leading the migration that would form the Kharkosanth Empire.