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Aboveward and bordering the spinward edge of the Prodigal Void lies Twilight, where the void becomes less friendly, the space between stars grows large, and the habitability of planets dies off. The Stroud Alliance, Ptatl, and Vrudok all seek to grow their young empires here in this somewhat backwater chunk of relatively habitable space. Twilight lies Belowward of the Cold Frontier, while unexplored space lies spinward.

The Stroud Alliance is small, young, and aggressive. They play the major galactic empires politically and move quietly but aggressively against the Commonwealth.

The Ptatl are on quiet trading terms with the Commonwealth and generally ignore the Zvetaku. They have had some combative interaction with the Core in the distant past and, more recently, with the Vrudok who are a recently discovered species.

The Bahalthair are a purposefully simple and quiet race, with little need for travel off their remote homeworld. Individuals often make journeys into more populated space on their own but the simple, almost primitive lifestyle chosen by the Bahalthair leaves little need for trade or conflict.

The Vrudok have not expanded into the space inhabited by the other races and are still quite isolated. Their vessels have encountered the Ptatl several times and the result has been conflict.

Trade & Technology
Technology is varied within Twilight.

The Stroud Alliance uses primarily technologies from the Commonwealth and major Prodigal Void corporations, supplemented with some trade with the Ptatl Shivery.

The Ptatl have their own science curve, somewhat behind that of the Prodigal Void powers but they supplement it with trade with galactic powers and corporations.

The Vrudok have been isolated up to this point and maintain their own fairly advanced tech curve. Their weapons don’t tend to be subtle, and they tend to use biological bombs to wipe out existing ecosystems and replace them with their own.

The Bahalthair chose to live a simple, anachronistic lifestyle. They maintain a small defense force that also performs trade duties bringing home only the most practical of goods and technologies.

Trade is decent within the Twilight sector. The Stroud Alliance trades with basically whoever they can to improve their technological base and influence. The Ptatl Shivery is open to trade with just about anyone and maintains steady trade with the Commonwealth, Bjaki, and Spinward Confederacy. The isolated Vrudok exchange goods exclusively among themselves, through trade, acquisition, and capture.

Twilight was essentially unsettled during the galactic Dark Age. The Vrudok and Ptatl were both very young races and had not left the confines of their homeworlds until the early Ancient times, essentially making their first voyages into space as the powers of the Prodigal Void made their second. None of the Stroud worlds were inhabited by more than primitive life.

Ancient Times

Vrudok go to space Vrudokin leave their homeworld and begin acquiring other worlds.
Ptatl go to space Ptatl leave their homeworld and begin to colonize neighbouring planets.
Commonwealth - Ptatl Human forces based off Stroud encounter Ptatl expeditionary force from Akilim for the first time. Conflict due to misunderstanding leads to very limited war, dragging in several surrounding planets. At the end of it all, both sides agree not to fight anymore and start trading.

Archaic Times
Spinward Confederacy

Spinward Confederacy forms, isolating a great number of historic trade partners. A lot of “politically unfavourable” trade traffic begins to move through the desolate but centrally located Relari system of Nje 944.

Vrudok Vrudokin Empire burns out Vrudok.

Vrudokin Empire builds the Clutch The Vrudokin Empire begins to build the Clutch, a massive mobile outpost to serve as the administrative and political capital of their empire.
UTP UTP forms, much of the secretive trade through the Nje 944 system ceases or turns to illegal activities.
Vrudok Vrudokin Empire burns out Cacanto.

Modern Times
Stroud Alliance

The Stroud Alliance quietly forms around Centin, Stroud, and Ygnus.

Core Commonwealth piracy Pirate activity against (particularly) Core Commonwealth vessels rises sharply.
Spinward Confederacy - Stroud Alliance Centin withdraws from the Spinward Confederacy