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Evolved on the world of Tessera, the Ourii are a centauroid race who were originally six-legged, mammalian hunter-gatherers. Their fore-legs evolved into hands to grab prey and gather fruits and vegetables. Their four wide-clawed feet are hyper-sensitive to low frequency vibration and motion. 
What appear to be "eyes" are black, rough-textured orbs semi-embedded in their flat heads, though they actually function as smell/taste/chemical receptors. They have small, round light receptors that spot their body and provide crude hemispherical vision. They relay far less on their imprecise vision, which is mostly used in motion sensing, than on their chemical sensing "eyes". Their bodies are also spotted with small sound and air-pressure sensors.

The Ourii are a clever, politically and diplomatically excellent people. They are excellent speakers (when properly translated) and traders. While they have never excelled at the development of cutting edge technologies, they are quick learners and more than capable of grasping technologies presented to them. They maintain close ties to and membership in the Core Commonwealth from whom they acquire most of their high technology, retrofit it themselves to suit their needs.

Diverse in personality, the Ourii tend to live within the Ourii Holdfast though many choose to travel or trade independently.

The Ourii maintain the Ourii Holdfast and continue an ancient empirical system of government. The planet of Tessera is divided into over 30 countries on 6 continents and the colonial protectorate planet of Skegslie is divided into a further 3 contries . Each country is presided over by a "Little Emperors" make decisions based on the input of area councils elected by the citizenry. Little Emperors are chosen by the most powerful and elite members of each country. Maintaining and overseeing the business of cities and towns is done by Governors who are appointed by the Little Emperors with the advice of a popular election. Once every five years, the Little Emperors meet and select from among themselves the Emperor who will rule and coordinate the entire Ourii Holdfast. The Imperial wisdom is greatly respected but not absolute. Ignoring the people can lead to exile, displacement through intrigue or the loss of political support among the elite, or assassination.

The Ourii are a capable people who are completely unwilling to be intimidated. When diplomacy and intrigue fail, they are irascible fighters. While most races have developed a chemical system that stimulates fear, anger, and aggression when confronted with danger, the Ourii's unique chemical system suppresses their passions, boosts their brain activity, and heightens their agility. In essence, the Ourii feel no fear in the face of danger and meet it with cold calculation and clever, intuitive deduction.

While the majority of their technology is purchased from the Core Commonwealth and the mega-corporations of the Prodigal Void, the Ourii perform a variety of complex customizations and upgrades that tailor the technology to their body type, senses, and needs. The Ourii Holdfast military is small but proud and effective, focusing on fast, hard-hitting defensive tactics.

Ourii tend to produce 3 or 4 young females for every male. Families generally consist of a life-bond and tend to consist of a father and several mothers. While they are mammals, Ourii females actually lay clutches of unfertilized eggs which the father subsequently fertilizes. When the eggs hatch, all the mothers and elder children of the family will care for them. Mothers produce a nutrient-gel "milk" for their young.