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Ourii Holdfast

The Ourii Holdfast is a micro-empire located in the Prodigal Void and maintaining a membership in the Core Commonwealth. The Ourii Holdfast consists of two worlds, the Ourii homeworld of Tessera and their single protectorate Skegslie. The Holdfast is closely affiliated with the Core Commonwealth, trades with them extensively, and maintains military agreements but the Ourii are also fiercely proud and maintain their independence and heritage.
Ourii Holdfast
LocationProdigal Void
Capital PlanetTessera
Government Monarchy
Tech Level Modern
Composition Ourii
Mixed Immigrants
Planets Tessera
The Ourii continue an ancient empirical system of government. A single Emperor rules the Holdfast. He is chosen by "Little Emperors" who each represent one of 36 countries on Tessera and the 3 countries on Skegslie. Skegslie's country count is deliberately kept low to minimize the effect of opinion from a colonial settlement with a mixed population while still allowing them to have some input into their governance. The Imperial wisdom is greatly respected but not absolute. Ignoring the people can lead to exile, displacement through intrigue or the loss of political support among the elite, or assassination.
Little Emperors are appointed by the most powerful Ourii from each country. Little Emperors generally rule for life or, rarely, until supplanted by the popular opinion and action of the elite, the other Little Emperors, or the people. The Little Emperors meet once every five years to choose from among themselves who will sit as Emperor for the next five years. Little Emperors also have the unconditional power to make decisions regarding their countries, though they are given input by councils elected by the people.

Cities and towns are presided over by Governors who are appointed by the local Little Emperor, with advice from a local popular election.

The Ourii are a capable people who are completely unwilling to be intimidated. When diplomacy and intrigue fail, they are irascible fighters. While most races have developed a chemical system that stimulates fear, anger, and aggression when confronted with danger, the Ourii's unique chemical system suppresses their passions, boosts their brain activity, and heightens their perceptions. In essence, the Ourii feel no fear in the face of danger and meet it with cold calculation and clever, intuitive deduction.

While the majority of their technology is purchased from the Core Commonwealth and the mega-corporations of the Prodigal Void, the Ourii perform a variety of complex customizations and upgrades that tailor the technology to their body type, senses, and needs. Their military is small but proud and effective.

Because the Ourii are predominantly a peaceful, non-expansionist race their ships are uniquely designed for defense. While more aggressive races waste space on multiple drive types for their ships, the Holdfast tends to retrofit modular drives that can be easily swapped to meet immediate need. Most ships will have only extremely fast, local capability and will swap in interstellar drives only when actually traveling to other systems. The saved space by the exclusion of long-distance drives and crew quartering is used for extra weapons and shielding, which tends to make Holdfast ships pound-for-pound more dangerous than the average races'. The Holdfast will generally maintain a few pursuit and reconnaissance ships in each system capable of interstellar flight.