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"Wayfarers", "Dancers"

The Bahalthair are tall, standing 6 to 7 feet on average and possessing a wide, naturally muscular frame. They have large, flat heads that end in a short snout. They have a pair of short, back-curved horns. Their entire body is densely covered in short, coarse hair. 

Culture (The Journey and the Dance)
In spite of their naturally intimidating exterior, the Bahalthair are extremely mellow and spiritual. Their culture is based on wandering, learning, and "being within the moment". They will all at some point in their lives perform their Journey, a solitary and initially aimless trip during which they abandon their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs and wander until they somehow know its time to return home. They will often wind up taking rides off-planet in exchange for work or kindness and have developed a reputation as the "Wayfarer" race. Their natural strength and size allow them some security on their journeys as does their highly advanced Dance. 

The Dance is an extensive series of controlled, fluid movements that is part martial art, part meditation, and part dance. The Dance is learned universally amongst the Bahalthair starting from an extremely young age and partly is responsible for the race's nimbleness and concentration. Aspects of the Dance are incorporated in individual religious meditation, in celebrations, in daily exercise, and in self defence. 

They aggressively share knowledge among their own kind. They display very little interest in developing or involving themselves in politics or technologies that do not directly involve them, though they are quick to adapt to the technologies of others when it suits their immediate need. They make wide use of biocomputers to collectively database and organize what they learn on their Journeys.  

Their homeworld, Bahalthair, is primarily agricultural and seems almost backwater, seemingly a bunch of big hairy thugs wandering around and living in simple wooden family dwellings. Their communities center around a Lucent, who is the community spiritual teacher, visionary, and storyteller. The Lucents from each district gather once a month and Lucents from all over the planet gather at least every third month. Meetings can occur anytime at the behest of a single Lucent, simply by requesting the presence of the others. It's a very functional and effective system with very low overhead, though unworkable for most other races. 

They use a variety of advanced renewable energy sources including solar, wind farms, fuel cells, and bio-enhanced composting. Their favoured form of transportation is walking, though a variety of the most modern vehicles are at their disposal when necessary. The life they live is the life they choose: maintaining a simple, peaceful homeworld and resisting any efforts to forcibly introduce more advanced technologies. They have fairly abundant natural resources, exceptional artists and artisans, and a single small manifestation of Saturated Manifest Ataxia which bring a variety of scientists and traders their world, bringing reasonable wealth.

The Bahalthair maintain a small but very modern and well trained military equipped with the most modern equipment. The military is not a calling for the majority of Bahalthair but the discipline, tactics, and humble service appeal very strongly to some. The military is designed to maintain the peace and stability of the Bahalthair way of life and to prevent exploitation by outsiders.