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Biological Computers and Manufacturing
Biological computing uses enzymes as hardware and DNA as software and allows "thinking" AI, since neurons can devise their own pathways and connections. Allows computers to "suppose" missing information. Far faster and more adaptive than silicon. Essentially, base elements consisting of molecular raw material including chemicals and elements, enzymes, and DNA are combined and reacted to form and grow into an end product. The product is generally designed to include some form of neural network to allow it to anticipate and configure itself closely to the needs of the user. Biological computers and equipment generally has the ability to self-repair or regrow itself if damaged.

Genetically designed and grown artificial brains. They are generally grown to run complicated systems and are capable of intelligent decision making and learning over time. Exceptionally complex systems, like the gravity network on a starship, will make use of congenial intelligence and network a series of Encephalons which will make decisions as a group.

Biological robots, a generic term for self-powered, mobile constructs that are man-made and self-directed through biological computers. The term is huge and encompasses everything from the small, simple vacuum/cleaning/disinfecting machines that fill the houses, cities, and starships of the civilized world to more complicated self-aware androids.  

On Starships
While not a completely mature technology within the Prodigal Void, most starships carry a variety of biot probes and bombers. These are generally self-aware and very intelligent, capable of making wise judgments on decisions like appropriate deviations from set patrol patterns and on target acquisition and engagement. While they have not replaced the role of trained pilots, they augment them nicely, particularly when groups of biots are directed by an actual pilot acting as flight leader.

The Y'Hotha Alliance
The Y'Hotha Alliance is an exceptional example of a society based on biotechnology. The Alliance and, in particular the Immasu, have developed biological computing and biologically grown machines almost from the inception of their society. Manufacturing and growing are essentially the same concept to the race with little to no traditional "assembly" at all, Also common is the use of biocomputers in everyday technology, giving it exceptionally high configurability, ease of use, and artificial decision making capabilities.