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Rheanno System, "Cudgel"

The Rheanno system, most commonly called just "Cudgel", is an unremarkable little system with an average yellow sun. The system features, from Rheanno, the sun, out, one ball of molten rock, one dry rock by the name of Cudgel, two gas giants, two balls of rock and ice, a few asteroids, and another ball of ice. The second planet of the Cudgel system is little more than a harsh, dry rock, sparsely vegetated and home to a primitive food web struggling to survive. 
It was originally settled in early Ancient times (around tech level 3) by the fledgling Core Commonwealth and later used as a stop-over and recruiting ground by the migrating founders of the Spinward Confederacy.

Why Cudgel Is Important
The system lies upon major trade routes of the Core Commonwealth, Bjaki Federation, the Spinward Confederacy, and several neighbouring independent planets. Small refuelling stops and trade bases have been established by a number of governments and corporations.

The Rheanno System
Cudgel  Orinon City The system's administrative capital in the system.
Freemarket  A trade settlement originally founded by Zyfinbek Mercantile
Bragons' Pass A security checkpoint established under contract by the Volto-Avaiga Corporation.
Marolia Freehold A relatively recent settlement by members of the UTP.
Codi Agricenter A "first step" training center for recruits of the Zvetaku Creed. 


Lucena Moon orbiting the gas giant Baldred.
Lucena Base The Core Armada's primary naval base in the system.
Andamiel Dome  Remote Core Council of Sciences research base.
Bjaki Outpost 5A-4 Bjaki refuelling outpost. A station orbiting Lucena.
Drayquin Shipyard Remote shipyard run by Drayquin Designs in cooperation with Zyfinbek mercantile. Located between the orbits of the gas giants Baldred and Hadros. 
Asteroid Belt Mines Mining operations are maintained in the asteroid field by a number of corporations with the permission of the Core Commonwealth.
Zvetaku outpost The Zvetaku Creed maintain a small shipping port and training colony in the asteroid belt.
Relari Den Semi-legendary, the infamous Relari maintain a facility in the asteroid belt. Its existence is confirmed by Core tax rolls.