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Bolt Weapons
Bolt weapons are usually characterized as weapons that deliver a high energy payload carried by a containment field  generator. The containment field generator is usually a device considerably smaller than the bolt as a whole, which contains a power source and the equipment to actually maintain a field that will maintain the payload. Some generators may contain a biocomputer-driven sensor network that will modify the condition of the payload during transit so as to maximize damage to the target. When the bolt hits a physical target, the generator is destroyed and the payload is released to do its work.
The numbers indicate a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Blackstar Bolt 6 The Blackstar Bolt incites a fusion reaction in rotated deuterium-tritium.. The matter in the rD-T reaction will revert back to its Tangible state even as it is undergoing fusion. The result is a very complex high-energy reaction. It is delivered in a quanto-magnetic torpedo whose onboard biocomputer anticipates impact with the target and initiates the reversion-fusion reaction at optimum range. 
Dispersion Ram or Bubblegun 4 A tiny bubble similar to that created by the skip warp drive is fired at the target. When the bubble makes contact, it causes a small portion of the enemy ship to attempt to warp away from the rest of the ship. While the bubble is unable to actually send portions of the enemy ship into warp, it does cause immense damage through molecular shearing forces.
Plasma tube or Bloomer 2 The original version of the fusion cannon, the plasma tube delivers large fusion plasma reactions to the target at a slower rate of fire. The plasma tube is a longer, bulkier weapon and generates much higher release velocities. A torpedo containing the deuterium-tritium fuel source is launched at the target and ignited by the onboard biocomputer at the optimal range from the target, causing the notable "blooming" effect of the bolt. The exterior of the torpedo is blown apart by the ignition of the fusion reaction and a central containment field generator takes over, carrying the reacting mass the rest of the way to the target.
Fusion Cannon or Griffiths Gun 3 A refinement of the plasma tube, capable of producing smaller fusion bolts more quickly than its predecessor. Where the plasma tube produced a single, devastating bolt the fusion cannon produces a cloud of smaller bolts. During combat, a central fusion reaction is maintained in the fuelling chamber. In the reaction chamber, plasma is fed from from the fuelling chamber into containment field generator projectiles. The reacting mass is electromagnetically propelled at the target. While older, cruder plasma tubes actually produce larger, more damaging projectiles capable of a longer range, fusion canons are far more compact and produce many more projectiles which are harder to dodge or defeat.
Penetrator bolt 1 A relatively advanced weapon developed early in the Skald civilization. The penetrator bolt fires a small torpedo that uses a large electromagnetic shell to carry a payload of antimatter. An early weapon with a short range but devastating damage, the penetrator bolt would be augmented by the penetrator beam with the advent of gravity control and the use of a gravitic beam to deliver the antimatter. While the penetrator beam allowed more precision fire it also did less damage and the penetrator bolt would remain popular for close-in hard punches.
Protobolt or Iceball 4 A ball of Protofluid contained in a quantum field is fired at the enemy. On contact, the quantum field collapses and the Protofluid reverts to Tangible matter, absorbing massive amounts of heat and energy from the target and causing the failure of various atomic bonds.