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Modern Physics
Through the ages, the intelligent races have struggled with one big question: WHY?

A number of times, a number of ideas have been proposed by a number of great minds. Generally, these ideas have done a pretty good job of describing specific, regional phenomena and have empowered intelligent beings everywhere to understand and exploit these phenomena. From electricity to gravity to the very molecules that make us up, we have, through the ages, managed to harness and control the forces of the galaxy without actually being able to completely and truthfully describe how it all fits together. Currently, we seem to be no closer to the truth, to the uncovering of the One and True that combines the big and small, the astronomical with the microscopic, and the everyday with the exceptional. We continue to refine, however, and "peel away the skin of the onion" on the way to the Truth. Here is what we currently know. 

String Theory
Nothing strange here for the average galactic citizen. This section contains a brief functional history of the discovery of our modern understanding of the 13 known dimensions and their practical applications, from Pol Sitanu's descent into madness, through the work of Zyrne and Pattonetti, to our modern manipulation of gravity and the dimensions.

Rotated Particles
Many of our modern technologies rely on our ability to manipulate particles on their 13 dimensional axes. Rotated Particles contribute either the power to run many of our modern wonders, or provide the physical mechanics behind them.

One of the most recent fields of scientific study and still highly scrutinized by many as "unscientific hogwash", Ataxis is the study of the breakdown of normal scientific laws.