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Handheld Launchers
 The numbers include a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Imperial Rocket Launcher 3 It is a 6-chamber shoulder-mounted rocket pod that integrates with the Imperial Design Corps' Sukomee personal assault platform. The bulk of the pod encourages that they be mounted on both shoulders to aid in balance and symmetry. The reloading process is exceptionally awkward and requires removal from the Sukomee and partial disassembly of the pod. The rocket load-out is, therefore, configured before battle.

Each of the 6 pods can hold a unique rocket type and can be fired in combination or sequence. The aiming and firing sequence is controlled by electronic interface with the Sukomee sensor net and is initiated by the wearer.
Azatlath Hellbringer Missile Box 1 The Azatlath Hellfire system is a self-standing, multi-barrel, programmable missile box that can be controlled onsite or remotely. It is fully modular and configurable and consists of missile tubes and a control stand. Each missile tube is purchased separately and may consist of any of a variety of anti-personnel, anti-armour, anti-air, or general use missiles which may be direct fire, indirect fire, or guided. The tubes can be carried separately and attached together onsite, allowing a squad of soldiers to carry an incredibly heavy weapons system with them to remote locations. The Hellbringer tubes are designed to be heavy or light, where four light tubes are attached in a square configuration that is equal to one heavy tube, in order to maintain a regularly shaped "box" of missiles when the system is assembled. The operator may choose which missiles are fired and in what combination. Complex firing patterns may be pre-programmed and called up quickly during combat. Further, the Hellbringer has an available bio-computer driven control stand that can, through a deployed sensor net and pre-programmed directives, make intelligent targeting and launch decisions without the presence of a sentient operator.
NanoNet 4 Nano-Cybernetix non-lethal personnel disabler. A short, ugly, wide-barrelled launcher that fires a "nano-net" grenade. The nano-net grenade contains a proximity sensor that will cause the grenade to release a carbon-nanotube net and entangle a target. The net fibres employ a molecular structure that make them extremely thin, tough, and resistant to cutting or tearing. StunNet grades are also available that combine a flashbang effect with the discharge of the net.
Grenade Launcher 1 Basically huge-barrelled handguns whose projectiles deliver damage through their payloads rather than through impact. The actual launch may be an electrically initiated chemical explosion or, in high tech versions, a gravitic field. A typical example of a grenade launcher is the Volto-Avaiga Crippler, a traditional chemical propellant type launcher that launches EMP grenades or flashbangs that allow law enforcement officials to non-destructively disable people or vehicles.