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IDC Sukomee Personal Assault Platform

The Sukomee is a main force heavy weapon platform worn by a single user. It is essentially a strap-on tank, complete with a powered exoskeleton and personal combat armour, integrated weapons platform, and communication and augmentation equipment. It is a reconfigurable system designed around modular parts which can be swapped out to match the suit to a particular environment and to facilitate easy upgrades. The Sukomee is generally used for heavy assault and commando operations, or to enable heavy armed, situationally aware field commanders.

The suit is capable of mounting heavy, permanent weapons on its shoulders, hips, and arms. It allows the use of more traditional handheld weapons which can be slung on the hip when not in use. It allows back-mounted packs that provide functions from ammunition and small cargo storage to life support. Back mounted packs are generally configured to cover the whole back, half back, or quarter back.

Personal Protection
Light Armour Chosen to maximize the speed and manoeuverability of the suit, a hardened polymer shell is fixed to the Sukomee exoskeleton. Several layers of Metaleather are composited on the inside of the plates to further protect the wearer under duress without adding excess weight.
Heavy Armour Composite polysteel plates are fixed to the Sukomee exoskeleton, creating a thick, heavy layer of incredible pretection for the wearer. Layers of fabristeel under the plates provide further protection and reinforcement. The protective quality of the armour is quite impressive, at the expensive of overall speed and manoeverability for the suit.

Personal Enhancement
Twitch The Sukomee physical control scheme, using pressure sensors and the Sukomee biocomputer to interpret the wearer's movements and translates them to the suit using a "passive detection, logarithmic physical multiplication". The system provides an incredibly wide range of motion from delicate to decimating. Twitch also incorporates a soft user interface for the suit. The Sukomee integrates a sensor network that feeds information to the wearer, including improved vision and hearing, and feeding a wide range of information a heads-up display. The user interface provides target identification, field maps and information, personal condition and status information, and attaches the user to the Kharko communication and intelligence net. The interface interprets the body and facial gestures of the user to control the suit and its systems.
Extension Pack A backpack containing life support to allow long periods in the field without removing the armour. The backpacks allow the injection to the wearer of a variety of substances including meal replacement, stimulants, and medical chemicals like antivenins and painkillers. The Twitch sensor system monitors the condition of the wearer and administers substances appropriately. Extension packs are designed in quarter back modules.

Integratable Weapons Platforms
Imperial Rocket Launcher Launcher A 6-chamber shoulder-mounted rocket pod that integrates with the Imperial Design Corps' Sukomee personal assault platform. The bulk of the pod encourages that they be mounted on both shoulders to aid in balance and symmetry. The reloading process is exceptionally awkward and requires removal from the Sukomee and partial disassembly of the pod. The rocket load-out is, therefore, configured before battle.

Each of the 6 pods can hold a unique rocket type and can be fired in combination or sequence. The aiming and firing sequence is controlled by electronic interface with the Sukomee sensor net and is initiated by the wearer.
Plasma PackFuel sourcePlasma containment unit and fuel source for all Sukomee compatible plasma-based weapons. Includes electromagnetic plasma containment and a feed mechanisms to deliver the fuel to the weapons. The weapons themselves will contain the projectile that "bundles" the plasma for delivery. The packs mount on the Sukomee's back and come in 3 sizes: quarter, half, and full.
Tortene Heavy Breaker Shoulder mounted breaker cannon. Intended for use against larger targets like vehicles, buildings, and for indirect fire, the Tortene is not exceptionally accurate. It does, however, pack quite a punch for its short size and relatively light weight. It holds 20 heavy pellets. The pellets are contained in a clip that is reasonably easy to reload, though the shoulder location makes it almost impossible for the wearer themselves to reload unaided,
Sherojne Light Breaker The Sherojne is a 4-barrell, short carbine style breaker that can be used one or two handed and can be holstered at the hip. Plasma is fed from a standard Sukomee plasma backpack through a plasma conduit tube. The Sherojne is reasonably easy for the wearer to reload and accepts clips of either 20 larger pellets, intended for large explosive effect, or 60 small pellets, capable of peppering an area with small explosions.