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Physical Description and Physiology
The Ashi are a large, five-sided radially symmetric race, appearing something like an onion dome perched on five three-segmented, double-jointed legs. In a ring around the pointy tip of their body sprout five stout eyestalks that contain both optical and auditory sensors, which are centered between each pair of legs. Their eyestalks can be swiveled in any direction, providing excellent depth perception for both senses. Five three-segmented, double-jointed arms are located equatorially and aligned with their legs. Each arm ends in a hand possessing 5 opposing digits. A single, wide mouth is located on the underside of their body, ringed with 3 concentric rows of teeth that vary from sharp cutting teeth on the outer rows to grinding molars on the inner rows. The Ashi can squat on their food or feed it in with their long, limber arms. 

Five brains (peripheral coactors) handle the input/output of their five sides, coordinated thorough a central master brain (complector).  Hive communication functionality is handled by the medi ascripticus, a delicate, resonant transmitter/receiver network of bone and cartilage located above the complector in the upper tip of their body. Emotional response is derived through a separate chemical sac (corcordis encephalon and corcordis glands) under the complector. Ashi-Adacheron social status is determined by personal “chemical perfection”, which represents the health, genetics, and potential of the Ashi-Adacheron and is excreted through the corcordis glands.

Attitudes and Culture
Familial groups share a hivemind, possessing the ability to communicate and transmit emotional stimulus to one another. Well adapted to and comfortable within their natural environment, historically integrated and positive relationship. They tend to adapt to and meld into their environment, assigning to it significance and respect. They particularly enjoy cave environments, where nature protects the Queen that runs the Pod.

The Ashi-Adacheron are a family and environment oriented race. They are curious and scientifically inclined. They are natural explorers and settlers. They are mellow, paced, and self-assured.

They are almost exclusively part of the Y'Hotha Alliance with the Immasu.

Caste System, Breeding, and Life-Cycle
They form familial Pods around a Queen, who chooses her pod-members based on the complex interaction of their corcordis chemicals, an interaction known as “love”. Pods consist of approximately 100 members. She then secretes chemicals that cause them to develop to fit a caste system involving Warriors, Workers, Donors, and Bearers.  Warriors are chemically adapted to grow large and fast and strong, destined to protect the pod. They grow layers of thick, knobby skin and tend to have long, strong limbs. Their medi ascripticus is adapted to short range, high-speed communication that causes fast, subconscious reaction in other Ashi. This trait allows them to provoke and coordinate response in danger situations and allow Warriors to become de facto leaders in time of crisis. Workers supply the pod with necessities like food and shelter and tend to develop longevity and dexterity as primary traits. Their legs tend to grow shorter and stronger and their arms longer and thinner. Their eyesight and hearing are acute and their ability to detect resources at a distance is uncanny. Their medi ascripticus is adapted to long-range communication. Donors are mature warriors and supply the sperm to fertilize the Queen’s eggs. Their arms actually begin to atrophy as they switch roles, sacrificing muscle mass to help develop a strong, well-developed reproductive system. Bearers tend to be slow, reliable, and chemically pleasant to be around. They ingest the Donors’ sperm and Queen’s eggs, carry the fertilized eggs to gestation, and raise the young. They are also more adapted to slow, delicate, and dexterous work when not directly Bearing. Their medi ascripticus is particularly adapted to sending and receiving the higher frequencies emitted by the Ashi-Abrago. None of the castes are socially more powerful than the rest; they all have their roles to fill. All tend to be intelligent and adaptable within their destined roles; they aggressively develop new technologies to improve the Pod’s survivability and help integrate with and learn from their environment.

Queens are massive, bloated Ashi with attrophied arms, legs, and peripheral coactors. They have extremely well developed chemical systems, medi ascripticus, and complectors. They are evolved to think, coordinate, and communicate. The exceptional amount of hormones and chemicals that course through their large frames make them exceptionally emotional. The rest of the Pod act as their arms, legs, and senses. Every year, the Queen will produce 20 to 30 eggs that are each ingested by a different Bearer. Donors will regularly supply sperm to donors until a Bearer becomes fertile and Bears. The Bearer will Bear for a year, maturing a young Ashi-Abrago within its womb. The Ashi-Abrago emerges, wriggly, slimey, and almost worm-like in form. The whelp is essentially helpless and dependent on its Bearer and Pod for approximately two years. It gradually becomes bloated and stubby, developing the Ashi-Adacherons’ characteristic five arms, eyes, and legs and, in the process, becomes one of the squelchiest and least appealing life forms in the universe.  After three more years of developing limbs and control of said limbs, a Pod Queen will select the Ashi-Abrago and chemically fertilize it to develop over the next few years into its new role in its new Pod. 

While not as naturally adept at biological manipulation as their allies, the Immasu, the Ashi-Adacheron are exceptionally advanced in their understanding of bio-computing and bio-manufacturing. Their technologies are grown from DNA and base components and usually incorporate at least some form of artificial intelligence to aid the user, if not outright collegially intelligent multi-processors with full decision making capabilities.

The Ashi are a unified race and members of the Y'Hotha Alliance which, with the Immasu, is more of an integrated culture than a political entity. 

Ashi are well adapted for fighting. They have no weak backside to exploit and their multiple brains allow them to coordinate complex actions in all directions at once. In times of crisis, the Warrior caste naturally takes over by subconsciously broadcasting signals that other Ashi instinctively respond to. Ashi action tends to be well coordinated, insightful, and effective. 

While the Ashi-Adacheron have no naturally spoken language, their cultural immersion with the Immasu have seen them almost universally develop the ability to speak by sucking air into their stomachs and expel it, essentially burping what they need to communicate.

Ashi naming convention consists of the Ashi’s Adacheron Pod name followed by their Abrago Pod name followed by a unique surname.