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Y'Hotha Alliance
Y'Hotha Alliance
LocationThe Farrago
Capital Planet 
Government Tribal Democracy
Tech Level Ultra-modern,
Composition Immasu
Planets Chetrakhu

Intelligent and peaceful residents of the Farrago, the Immasu and Ashi-Adacheron met early in space exploration and immediately formed a “best friends since preschool” relationship which they would formally ratify as the Y'Hotha Alliance. Their cultures developed together, focusing on natural and sensible biogenetics and responsible high technology. Together, they are driven to incorporate with and learn from the environment around them.

When they ran into the Skalds for the first time, they were promptly attacked and driven quickly from several systems because of their weak military. They grow biogenetic, collegially intelligent ships & buildings, incorporating life into technology. Their technology is highly and quickly adaptable and they were able to devise and develop weapons and tactics to regain their systems and drive the Skalds to stalemate. Racially, they are well traveled, their Alliance populating a number of planets with good resources and maintaining a relatively small but highly adaptable, quickly scalable, and very effective military.

Culturally, the Alliance encourages art, exploration, learning, innovation, and development.  

Political Structure
Both the Immasu and Ashi-Adacheron have strong family structures and large families tend to co-locate in one area. Historically, political units formed around the familial units and the Alliance developed a complex voting structure based on Familial Colleges. At the local, national, planetary, and federal level, individuals elect a representative who will be responsible for structuring the government by creating appropriate positions of power. The individuals that assume a representative position are never nominated or selected by the individual that creates the position but by a popular vote. There are no parties and nominations are drawn by open ballot.

The Family College is a local voting group that tends to represent an extended family or segment of a family. The votes from a Family College count towards electing a single individual, called a Voice, to represent that College on a community level. Towns and smaller cities will be represented by a single Voice while larger cities may have several Voices. The Voices represent the opinions and desires of their college by electing local representatives. 

Locally, Voices nominate and elect a Provost who oversees on a roughly national level. The Provost creates and dissolves Steward positions, granting them duties and powers he feels are appropriate to perform specific practical and administrative functions. The Steward positions are filled by the popular nomination and vote of the Voices. 

Each planet will have a Controller who is elected by the Provosts. The Controller creates and dissolves Director positions that are nominated and filled by the popular vote of the Provosts. 

Central rule and coordination of the Alliance is carried out by the Superior, elected by the Controllers, who creates and dissolves Principal positions that are nominated and filled by the popular vote of the Voices.