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Azatlath Combined Arms Taskforce

Azatlath Near Asset Designs
Azatlath's Near Assets Division is dedicated to bringing the ultimate in small, short range fighting craft to supplement your main force guns and to deliver that crucial killing punch by slipping in past enemy sensors. Azatlath provides a variety of Near Assets designed to suit every purpose and all are of Azatlath's normal exceptional quality. All of Azatlath's current designs are at least third generation design and feature years of experience and innovation.
Micro Fighter
The Pikolo is an exceptionally nimble, low-profile micro-fighter painstakingly designed to provide the ultimate in close quarters fighting. The small size makes it possible to store more fighters on conventional platforms like carriers and cruisers or even stash one away on a small freighter to surprise unsuspecting pirates. The Pikolo has a single forward-firing weapons bay but you can rest assured that Azatlath's typical modular design will accommodate most standard weapons from mod cannons to missile racks to your favourite bolt thrower. 
Med. bomber
The Daemon two-man medium bomber is an exceptionally versatile addition to your launchable assets, featuring multiple heavy hardpoints and a top-mounted turret that can be used to carry on-board defence. Simply, the Daemon is designed to get to the target and deliver.
Med Fighter
The Glacier is an extremely well balanced, multi-role fighter. It has a powerful grav drive for high performance turns in dogfights and a variety of modular and easily configurable hardpoints that lets you choose just the right hardware for each critical mission and even swap weapons between sorties.
The Storm can stand alone as a patrol gunship but is particularly effective as surprise firepower when launched from a larger vessel. The Storm features multiple modular hardpoints, a surprising responsive grav drive for the size of the vessel, and a skip warp. 
The Venom Interceptor is nothing short of a work of art. Combining the manoeuvrability of a high-efficiency grav drive and a mid-range skip warp drive, the Venom will take the fight to the enemy before they know you're even there. A heavy mount, suitable for ship cripplers like missiles or a small railgun, is augmented by a pair of synchronized light mounts to provide defensive fire that will trash any fighters that get in the way. Exceptional for first-strike and combat patrol, the Venom is a must for long-term space-borne platforms.  

Azatlath Capitol Assets 
Azatlath Capitol Assets has designed a set of powerful, state of the art, and well co-ordinated capitol assets that offer you the most flexibility and firepower with the fewest ships for your taxpayers to bankroll.
Absolution Slightly larger than average for a ship designed to fill the Arsenal role, the Absolution dispenses with the typical stoic Arsenal design and adds liveable crew quarters and a small cargo area that can easily be retrofitted as a launch bay. What is typical to the Absolution design is the ability to add the latest, biggest, and most devastating weapons currently available and fully integrate them with the state of the art sensor and control networks. 
Vigilant A versatile and innovative command platform through four generations of design. Capable of carrying a variety of craft to tackle a variety of tasks, the Vigilant also has the hardpoints to pack a decent punch. Its strongest ability is to gather, co-ordinate, and disseminate information to and from the fleet and launched vessels. It was one of the first Vigilant class Command Cruisers that carried Cyarkos Rhulson to found the Kharkosanth Empire and that legacy of greatness continues to this day.
Bane  The Bane is perhaps the largest and most respected Battleship currently available. It provides the comfortable quarters, extensive cargo space, and efficient systems necessary for extended campaigns. Its main focus is on devastating weapons and heavy defences to allow it to push through any distraction and deal with any main objective.
Barbican The Barbican is all about distractions. It is a goliath designed to tackle all those little fighters, bombers, and mines that normally distract your mission critical capital ships. It bristles with small long and short range weapons and point defence systems to allow it to plunge into the swarm and clean house or lay back and defend the tactical "big guns". The Barbican is also capable of hosting a full wing of smaller craft, particularly fighters for dogfighting and combat patrol.
Obstruction The Obstruction is neither fast nor manoeuvrable but it undeniably commands any area in which it sits. Designed as the ultimate blockade vessel, it has a variety of weapons and grapros to stop even the fastest ships in their tracks and the most advanced sensor networks to prevent stealthy escapes. It can also host several interceptor or small gunship patrol craft to extend its eyes and fists. 
Resolute Azatlath Capitol Assets is particularly proud of its Resolute class Versatile Cruiser. It has the flexibility to fill a multitude of roles, having already had versions customized to serve as missile, command, and patrol cruisers as well as armed cargo haulers and survey ships in the most hazardous of environments. Contact your local Azatlath ship dealer today and see how the Resolute can solve your problems.