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  The Dibarro

The Dibarro are a powerful, independent, and highly secretive trade group that has seemingly been around since the beginnings of time. They deal honestly but aggressively as money lenders and speculators, selling trade notes providing high risk financial capital. They are aggressive sponsors of exploration and discovery, though they often ask a high price in return for their support. Beyond seeking simple principal-plus-interest rewards, they will often work to gain political clout, long-term income, or resource streams that can be leveraged over time.

In addition to being investment and venture capitalists, they will issue trade notes to corporation and individuals. Trade notes allow money to carried in physical form, to places where Intellignet currency may be inaccessible or in question. Large amounts of money to be moved without observation, outside official databases and records. Trade notes are often used between UTP worlds and in trade between empires who don't trust each others' databases to update appropriately.

While the Dibarro are heavy into speculative investments, they tend to stay away from shady or illegal activity. They invest in high-risk exploratory missions and research but often send their own personal representatives and find ways to exploit the findings. Participating in the next big scientific discovery before the markets can respond is exceptionally profitable, as is becoming co-owner of new technologies or settlements.

The Dibarro invest to develop or control critical infrastructure like Intellignet hubs and refuelling ports. Their "charity" gives them access to information and resources as well as the ability to strategically cut off others' access to them. Close control of such resources allow them to use communications assets to relay news to themselves before others and exploit the results financially and for power.

The Dibarro are controlled at the top by a mysterious and exceptionally powerful cartel of individuals. Many are involved in the upper layers of various corporations and governments.

They maintain publicly accessible local outlets where individuals can approach the organization for smaller scale business. Larger deals are organized through private meetings arranged on an individual basis, strictly out of the public eye. Much of the real dealings of the Dibarro are handled quietly and through direct contact between members.

The organization is informally stratified, with members being familiar with their own local affairs and having knowledge of only a layer or two of membership above their own.