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IDC (Imperial Design Corps) 
Imperial Design Corps
primarily military
Founded Antiquity
Headquarters Cyarkos,
Kharkosanth Frontier
Area ServedKharkosanth frontier,
Some exports beyond
Structure Manufacturing branch of
the Kharkosanth military
Function Efficient
Products Weapons
Military Equipment
Starship components
General technology
Size Immense
Quality High
Divisions Policy Board
Enforcement & Acquisition
Military & Starship

Originally formed by Emperor-Elect Anton Merin as an Imperial Tributary to develop high technologies for the Kharkosanth Empire without fear of tampering, espionage, or sabotage by outside parties. The IDC would gradually develop into a super-corporation, developing not only new technologies and scientific theories but also manufacturing and bringing specific product online for the exclusive use of the Empire or to be sold on the free market to generate revenue for the Empire. They have the power to absorb into their framework any technology, team, or work being done within the Empire that is deemed important enough.

The IDC is a Tributary overseen by the Tribunal of Scientific Development of the Kharkosanth Empire. It answers directly to the greatest scientific minds in the Kharkosanth Empire, who answer directly to the Emperor-Elect. It has holds vast power in terms of the development, control, and distribution of technology within the bounds of the Empire.

Specialized Departments
The Policy Board consists of 5 officers who have risen through the ranks of the IDC, all scientists carefully chosen with the interests of the Empire at heart. They communicate directly up with the Tribunal of Scientific Development and the Emperor, and directly down to the heads of the other wings of the IDC. They set all the official policy for the IDC in terms of what technology is to be developed, what will be manufactured, and how and to who it will be distributed.

The Development department of the IDC oversees and directs the development of all new technologies. It determines the level of secrecy and security each project requires and facilitates lab and field testing during development.

The Manufacture department mass produces the technologies developed by the Development department. Manufacture determines whether it is more feasible to develop IDC-owned facilities or to farm out manufacture to existing organizations or corporations.

The Trade department markets and distributes what Manufacture produces. They work directly with the merchant branch of the Imperial Fury Starforce.

Enforcement and Acquisition monitors independent scientific development. They will absorb any independent projects deemed important or dangerous enough. They enforce rules regarding the development, manufacture, and distribution of technology throughout the Empire and developed by the Empire. They conduct intelligence and counter-intelligence, seeking out new technologies being developed outside the Empire and are responsible for retrieving any technologies inadvertently lost by the Empire.

Military & Starship is a special wing of the IDC tasked with setting special policy on the development of Military equipment and Starships for the Empire. They are both policy advocate on the direction that current technological development should go and brain-trust, suggesting new ideas and avenues for development to strengthen the Empire.