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Kharkosanth Frontier

Bordering the Core Commonwealth in the Prodigal Void, the Kharkosanth Frontier is moderately endowed with harsh but habitable planets stocked with young, aggressive ecosystems. Spinward, the Kharkosanth Frontier meets the Prodigal Void and the Farrago. It is surrounded by explored space and the Badlands

Kharkos have historically had rough initial relations with new species and empires as they have encountered them. They are strong and independent but not necessarily aggressive, responding rapidly and violently to aggression but respecting strength, structure, and honour in the long run. They have a tenuous peace with the Core Commonwealth and historic tension with the Bjaki Federation. They have had numerous historical conflicts and a prolonged war against the Makkuth and maintain strong trade with the independent human colony of Stewart. In general, war is too expensive and impractical to maintain for long so they tend to defend their territory but not pursue grudges.

Trade & Technology
The Kharkos are innovative and aggressive, developing and manufacturing unique cutting edge technologies. They also buy technologies and equipment from corporations from the Prodigal Void. There is often corporate espionage between the Kharkosanth, Core Commonwealth, Bjaki Federation, and Prodigal corporations.

Trade between Kharko worlds is extensive and well-developed. Trade with empires from outside their own territory is halting, though fairly strong with non-political entities, like Azatlath Advanced Construction, that bring high quality goods. The Kharkos also trade with Stewart and the conveniently located Ourii Holdfast, which ultimately provides a trade link to the Core Commonwealth.

The Kharkosanth Frontier was unsettled during pre-history and developed few highly advanced races before Cyarkos Rhulson brought his fleet of settlers split from the Bjaki Federation.

Archaic Times
Kharkosanth Empire forms. Rebel Iliene and Humans leave Bjaki space with a handful of stolen ships, led by Cyarkos Rhulson, "The Black Admiral".
  The Rhulson fleet encounters Makkuth forces, is attacked and subsequently beats them up and escapes.
  The Rhulson fleet eventually settles NK1901 and renames it Cyarkos, starting the Kharkosanth Empire.

Rhulson dies of old age, leaves a legacy.

  Expansionist Movement forms with the agenda of exploring, expanding the Empire, and starting new colonies. An exciting, young, aggressive movement that catches on quickly.
  The government reforms into a democratic empire. Audron Skaliu becomes the first Emperor-Elect of the Kharkosanth Empire. The "Little Fleet" becomes officially known as the "Imperial Starforce".
Stewarts Kharko exploration ships discover Stewart during early, aggressive expansion. War ensues, with the Stewarts engaging in aggressive guerilla tactics. The Kharkos quickly learn to respect them and welcome them into non-aggression and trade pacts, trading technology for spices and landing rights.
Agizozein The colony of Agizozein is founded. It is founded as both a functional, self-sustaining colony and a fortified forward defense point against the Makkuth.
Jebeladon The colony of Jebeladon is founded. A small rugged planet with abundant minerals, Jebeladon quickly became both a fortification against the Makkuth and an industrial powerhouse of the Kharkosanth Empire.

Bjaki - Kharkosanth Bjaki Federation stumbles on Kharkosanth fringe settlements. They’re still kind of tender about the whole separation thing and launch a tentative "recovery force". Brief and limited war ensues.

Fly-by-neuron acquired by Kharkosanth from captured Bjaki ships.

  String drive developed by Kharkosanth, stolen by Commonwealth spies.
  IDC develops the StarStream Neutrino Tube.
Kharkosanth - Makkuth Kharkosanth exploratory forces run into Makkuth. The Makkuth attack and the Karkosanths declare war. During a prolonged conflict, they push into Makkuth space and capture several planets. The Makkuth, through the Celendriennes, enlist the aid of the Y’Hotha and Skalds to combat the “invading alien menace”. The Kharkosanths are held and agree to back off. A tenuous alliance between the Makkuth, Y’hotha, and Skalds remains to defend their common space.
  The Imperial Starforce as a political entity is renamed the Imperial Fury. The Imperial Groundforce is officially formed under the Imperial Starforce. A special forces/intelligence organization, called the "Little Fleet" quietly emerges within the Imperial Fury.
Scryon The colony of Scryon is founded. Generally, Scryon had large, rugged landmasses and a moderate climate with little rainfall. The colony relied on drilling underground water sources.
Jangijul The Makkuth colony of Jangijul is captured by the Kharkosanth Empire during the war. The Kharkosanth Empire assimilated the colony, giving the local population the choice to evacuate back to Makkuth Dynasty territory or integrate into the Empire. A surprising many would choose to stay in their homes on Jangijul and forsake their former empire, not in small part due to a fairly large existing population of Makkuth in the Kharkosanth Empire.

Modern Times
Qazarum The Kharkosanth colony of Qazarum is founded. Qazarum is predominantly an ocean world with a hospitable climate but limited land. Civilization grew slowly at first with settlements confined to the world's small volcanic island chains. Being fairly isolated from conflict and politics, the population is beginning to surge, with artificial islands and ship-cities beginning to stud the surface of the world and a burgeoning holiday industry beginning to emerge.
Kharkosanth conflict with San Jorge industries Kharkosanth "exploratory" ships enter the Anabasis system. Still touchy from the Makkuth invasion at the end of Antiquity, San Jorge attacks first. Fighting ensues, followed by military standoff with and subsequent diplomatic intervention by the Commonwealth.