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Izwan System, "Izwan"

Home system of the Kayyan race and Kayyan Empire.

The Sanish System
Izwan SeruShabati Capital of Izwan and administrative seat of the Kayyan Empire. The Imperial Manor is the practical home of the Emperor and contains private lodgings for the every member of the House of Lords when they come to SeruShabati or the Temple of Kee.
Temple of Kee The seat of the Kayyan Empire. An ancient ziggurat in the depths of the Izwanian rainforest where the title of Emperor is earned or lost. The Imperial House of Lords formally meets here to conduct its business. The Temple is the official home of the Emperor and his elite Xanthous Watch.
Hassa Tannakht Harbour The Kayyan Empire's primary naval facility, providing starship maintenance and mission facilities. It also has a large, progressive training program for new naval cadets. Upper administraion and training for ground troops occurs on Izwan.
Kuai Reserve A large, government-run mining facility on the moon, Kuai. Kuai Reserve provides a plentiful source of a variety of rare minerals to the Empire.
Yuzushi Yuzushi Shipyards The Kayyan Empire's largest and most advanced shipyards. The orbital facilities consist of Yuzushi Orbital Station and a number of drydocks. Yuzushi Dome is a large domed facility on the surface of Yuzusi, with an extensive set of facilities burrowed deep into the planet itself. Yuzushi Shipyards will also take on contract work and provide lodging and fuel for passers through the Izwan system.