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The Cynther System

Solar System Overview  
Saleen Nations The nations of Saleen represent a variety of power structures controlling cities or territories. The may be as formal and structured as the Republic of Bisruk and Carmissi Empire, chaotic regimes like the Cragsquall Army, tribal conglomerates like the Northern Free States and Comari, or spheres of influence like that displayed by the city-state of Kanduambet.
Cities There are many places on Saleen where people gather to live together. This is not an exhaustive list, leaving out the smallest and most generic of hamlets that are strewn across the face of the planet. Instead, this list represents the most significant, interesting, or powerful cities.
Factions The factions of Saleen are diverse in makeup and purpose. This lists the power groups of Saleen that are not generally tied to a particular city or territory. They may represent races, like the Iliene or Irukki, business factions like Lorringil, or political movements like the Ridgerunners.
Nineris Nineris is a gas-giant in the system's inhabitable zone. Nineris has 6 large "Galilean" moons and about 70 smaller moons, orbital debris, and Langrangian asteroids. Nineris is orbited by the inhabited moon Saleen.
Szabar Szabar is the hostile but inhabitable seventh planet in the Cynther system. Most consider it too dangerous for long-term colonization.
The Cauldron A densely packed, resource rich asteroid belt. As the solar system formed and Nineris drifted slowly into its near-sun orbit, the planets Cynther IV and V found themselves in her path and were torn apart by her gravity, while slowing her drift and allowing her to settle into her present orbit.
Far Belt A relatively loose asteroid belt at the fringes of the system.