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Special Weapons
 The numbers indicate a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Accretion Cannon 7  
GlimmerStorm 7 A modification of standard Grapro and shield technology, the GlimmerStorm projects a modulated gravity field which attempts to disrupt the environmental gravity generators and shields of enemy ships by stimulating the random emission of gravites. It can also be used to collapse the quantum field of a starship and pull it out of Skip Warp.
Ion Ram 7 Super-ionizes and hyper-extends a ship's shields. It essentially creates a ram plate at the front of a ship or allows the ship to "lash out a punch". The effect takes a lot of energy and can only be used at the most intimate of ranges.
Lady Fingers 5 A fairly rare device with a very limited range. It builds a highly charged field around the host ship which discharges into nearby ships, damaging shields, overloading systems, and causing nasty hull burns. It drains a lot of power but is quite effective against incoming fighters and missiles and can be used against larger ships in close quarters fighting. While the discharge is generally not powerful enough to do significant damage against larger ships, it can disrupt systems, confusing sensor readings for a time, and possibly knocking the target out of Skip Warp.
Stasis Field 5  
Twin Generator 7 A set of electronics which project gravity fields and emit confusing sensor blasts to create confusing signals and sensor ghosts in enemy equipment.
Viral Projectors 5 A closely controlled and rare weapon developed jointly by Ignatius Systems and Azatlath Advanced Construction, the Viral Projector is a communication scheme and software protocol that attempts to connect to enemy computers and devise and execute system-crippling codes.