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The numbers indicate a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
5 A targeting methodology that employs a dedicated bio-computer system and friend-or-foe criteria to appraise the best target using algorithms that consider opportunity, chance of damage, and mission strategy. Will constantly reappraise their target and tactics and may redirect to a target of opportunity mid-flight. Wildfire is a common term for such missiles as they can be fired into the fray and will sort out the best target based on availability, opportunity, and strategy.
EMP torpedo 2 A warhead designed to generate a massive electromagnetic pulse intended to damage or temporarily confuse enemy electronics, communications, or sensors. It includes a supply of electron-rich particles and either a direct oscillating current-source or magnetic field generator to induce the same, as well as a nicely sized nuclear charge to produce the high-energy gamma rays that start the whole effect going. Needs to be exploded close to the target due to the rapid dissolution of the needed particles in space.
Dart 2 One of the cheapest, most prevalent missiles available. Mass-produced and distributed by Azatlath Advanced Construction, the Dart is a small, cheap, high-yield antimatter missile that has no target recognition or guidance. Often fired in batteries.
Heavy Torpedo 3 A style of missile that is generally used against capitol ships, stations, and astral bodies. They are characterized by massive damage potential, relatively slow speed, and little or no targeting or course correction capability.
4 A delivery system by Azatlath Advanced Construction, the JetStream fires a steady stream of mildly modified Dart missiles. The missiles have basic communications equipment and mild course correction capability so each missile corrects the flight path of the next, improving the accuracy of each subsequent missile. In a similar product, the IDC has developed the Tracer delivery system.
OVT 5 Operator Visualized Targeting connects the missile's tracking systems directly through the operator's neuralink so he is able to guide the missile by thought. Opera is a common brand name.
Optic Lock 5 Optic lock uses optical or other light spectra, such as UV, to acquire, recognize, and track a target. "Spectra" is a common brand-name.
Proximity Cluster 4 A detonation system based on bio-computer driven friend-or-foe algorithms. Will detonate the missile's warhead when a given set of circumstances are met, generally based on closeness to a certain target or target type.
Swarm 3 A delivery methodology which uses generally smaller, lower yield weapons with little tracking capability. The swarm missiles are fired in large numbers in the hopes of hitting something and doing some damage.
Tracker 3 High-duration image recognition technology.
X-Lock 5 The operator picks a target and the missile will track it based a number of criteria which may include the target's x-ray spectrum, sensor and communications emissions, or radiation signature.

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