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 The numbers indicate a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Autocannon 2 A multi-barreled weapon that produces a shower of projectiles. The barrels may be fired singly or multiply in sequence. The projectiles may rely on mass and speed for damage or may incorporate small explosive or plasma charges for an extra punch. Can be used effectively as a spray to combat incoming missiles or fighters, though they are not particularly effective against a target with any bulk or distance.
BioCannon 4 A favourite weapon of the Vrudok, the biocannon fires large, undirected shells full of toxins or bacteria which will infect and corrupt a planet's ecosystem. Handy for clearing away pesky natives and annoying indigenous lifeforms before exploiting a planet's juicy natural resources.
Magnum 4 Developed by Azatlath Advanced Construction, the Magnum is crude but exceptionally effective. The Magnum, fundamentally, is a great big gun that fires massive, unguided rockets. The gun is massive and long and is used only on the largest of capital ships. A variety of warhead types can be purchased in compatible shell casings, though the rockets often do as much damage through mass and velocity as from any payload they may carry. The Magnum uses a multistage launch, initially igniting a chemical charge in the base of the rocket to give an initial high velocity. Gravity drivers take over and further accelerate the rocket as it travels along its launch rails. As the rocket approaches its target, a secondary boost charge is triggered by an onboard biocomputer that further increases its velocity. The Magnum has a slow rate of fire, limited by the time it takes the automated system to load the rockets into the launch tube and the lengthy acceleration during firing, but it tends to pack a big punch and is most extremely effective against capitol ships, stations, and for planetary bombardment. Even larger capital ships that are hit by the high velocity projectile are often "blown off course".
Mass Driver 4 A generic term for weapons that propel unpowered and unguided projectiles down a long tube using a gravitational field. Mass drivers can generally use either pre-manufactured or improvised projectiles, like small chunks of rock or stellar debris. Smaller models can be used in close combat, while larger ones are generally intended for slower, massive targets like capital ships, stations, and planets.
Minigun 1 A smaller version of the autocannon. Generally designed for defensive use against incoming missiles and fighters. The minigun is designed to fill the space around a ship with a cloud of high velocity, defensive projectiles.
MIRP 1 Mulitple Impact Rocket Pod. A weapons system designed to fire a formation of unguided rockets at a target in the hopes that some of them will hit.
Nova 3 Discharges a cloud of high velocity, short range plasma pellets. Nova tubes mounted on ships are often employed like flak to intercept incoming missiles and fighters. An effective weapon at close range, though at a distance the plasma disperses and burns out.
Nova II 3 The Nova II variation mounted a Nova tube in a missile and allowed it to be launched toward a distant target. Using proximity detonators and an onboard biocomputer, the Nova II projectile would determine the optimal time to release its cloud of plasma pellets in order to affect the chosen target. The cloud of pellets could be delivered to distant targets, including larger ships and flights of fighters or missiles.  
SuperNova 4 The SuperNova is the ultimate in Nova technology. Its projectiles are size of some fighters, incorporating an advanced biocomputer, a Nova tube, and a contained fusion reactor that acts as both fuel for the Nova tube and power for the SuperNova systems. The SuperNova acts like a highly advanced landmine, analyzing targets and discharging Nova clouds until it is destroyed. It even has a small integrated grav drive that it can use to orient itself and slowly propel itself toward hot spots in combat.
Coilgun 2 A generic term for weapons that propel unpowered and unguided, ultra-high-speed projectiles down a long tube with a series of localized electromagnetic fields. A series of electromagnetic coils is placed in a launch tube and they accelerate the projectile, with coils ahead pulling the projectile and coils behind pushing the projectile. A variety of projectile types are available that deliver a variety of payloads to the target.
Railgun 2 A generic term for weapons that propel unpowered and unguided, ultra-high-speed  projectiles down a long tube using a magnetic field. A conductive projectile is placed on a pair of conducting rails which propel it via an electromagnetic field, the Lorenz force. The high high current pulse necessary to propel the projectile generally comes through some sort of capacitor network.
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