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Beam Weapons
Beam weapons are energy weapons, generally characterized by the emission of a free flow of energy or particles. The beam itself may be a continuous and maintained stream between weapon and target, as in the case of the Disruptor, or the beam itself may be a "pipe" that conducts a blast or stream of particles or energy, as in the case of the Penetrator piping antimatter through a gravitic beam.
The numbers indicate a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Disruptor 2 The "rupture" became a favourite weapon almost as soon as the first one was built and remains a very common weapon, particularly with the empires of the Prodigal Void. Disruptor cannons came to be during the early development of the quantum field generator and resulted more from failed experiments than successful ones. Early attempts at manipulating the quantum states and dimensions of matter resulted in often unpredicted and destructive results. Even before the quantum field generator was fully harnessed, it was discovered that great damage could be done to a target with a wildly modulated quantum beam. Focusing the quantum field through a Condenser Ring Matrix, the beam could be focused on a target and its molecular structure could be randomly strained and manipulated, causing heat and random shearing on the molecular level. The disruptor creates a relatively weak beam that is energy efficient to maintain. The beam duration can be maintained, generally for a few seconds until internal heat shuts the system down for a similar cooling period, and the beam swept to intercept smaller or moving targets or to act as its own tracer. Disruptors lend themselves well to use in co-ordinated batteries in order to maximize the intensity and duration of their collective firepower. General ship power is used to fuel the disruptor beam, being buffered through a capacitive network that ups their current to levels suitable for initiating and maintaining the firing reaction. Higher tech level designs transfer energy more efficiently through the Condenser Rings, packing more punch or allowing for a longer beam duration. 
Modulation Cannon 3 The "mod cannon" is an extension of the disruptor beam, which uses ships sensors to intelligently modulate the disruptor as it impacts a target. It detects and maximizes the quantum field to maximize molecular upheaval while harmonically exciting the localized area of impact. If the modulation is effectively achieved, extreme damage results as small areas of the target essentially tear themselves apart. 
Grapro 3
GRAvity PROjector, used in pushing and pulling objects in space. Based on the work of Zyrne and Pattonetti, the Grapro emits a beam that stimulates the Elegant emission of gravites in the target object, subjecting it to directional gravity.  Simply put, the beam lifts objects by creating spots of negative gravity.
Gravite Cannon 3 Multi-point gravity projector. Multiple, coordinated projectors can provide more push or pull to manipulate objects in space or can be used offensively to create tearing and shearing stress in enemy hulls..
Ripsaw 4 Another variation of the grapro intended strictly as an offensive weapon or high-powered cutting tool. Two tightly spaced, parallel grapro beams are fired projecting intense gravity fields in opposite directions in a very small area. The effect causes tearing at a localized spot on the target. The beam is often swept to produce a slashing cut.
Particle Beam 2 Essentially, the particle beam or "ion cannon" launches an intense stream of ionized hydrogen atoms at a target.  Simple particle beams are a crude old technology abandoned by most users by the end of the Archaic period, with the exception of the Vrudok who still employ them. It does decent damage but requires large capacitor banks and enormous voltages and currents, as well as suffering from limited range due to beam spread.  Damage results from a combination of molecular impact and electrical heating.
Penetrator Beam 4 An antimatter based weapon, the Penetrator fires a weak, steady-state gravitic beam through which antimatter is piped, causing immense damage at the molecular level. The penetrator was developed in the early Ancient era by the Skalds, originally a close-range bolt-type weapon that used an electro-magnetic containment field projectile. The penetrator spread rapidly through the Farrago as the high-damage weapon of choice, evolving a longer range, higher energy beam weapon version.
Punch ring 3
This is a mounting methodology (like a turret or pintel is) rather than an individual weapon. Used primarily with beam weapons, the punch ring is a set of weapons that fire alternately to supply a dispersed, area-of-effect beam attack or to provide steady state fire where some weapons are firing while others are cooling.
A single power line is run to the typical punch ring and a single set of fire control resources dedicated, simplifying both design and use in combat as opposed to the same number of singular weapons.
Neutrino Tube or Starstream  5 A burst of highly unstable, rotated neutrinos are fired at the target. The neutrinons travel in a straight line, reverting back to normal neutrinos and releasing bursts of energy as they do. The rate and distance at which the neutrinons revert to neutrinos can, to some extent, be controlled prior to firing with adjustments to the quantum field used to manipulate and launch the particles. Many of the neutrinons will have penetrated to within the target when the they begin releasing energy. In addition to being subject to random bursts of high energy, a great of deal of electrical static is given off by the beam. Scattered, random damage is done to the hull, crew, and systems of the target. Its flashing, glittering beam gives the weapon its Starstream moniker. The Starstream was developed by the Kharkosanth Empire and is a favourite heavy weapon, though the rotated particle ammunition generally precludes it as the sole weapon type on a ship.
Black Lance 5 A beam-type weapon using rotated neutrinos. The neutrinos Blind dimension is drained of energy, resulting in rotated neutrinos referred to as "nontrinos". The nontrinos are quite stable but desperately want to absorb enough energy to shift out of their rotated state. A quantum pipe is established between the weapon and target and a blast of nontrinos are released. They pass through the regular matter of the target until they hit a source of energy, at which point they absorb the energy and spin back into a Tangible state of being. The primary function of the Black Lance is to disrupt and drain energy sources, though as the nontrinos revert back to Tangible neutrinos, they careen off on wild, unpredictable tangents of their previous motion disrupting electronic circuits and creating frictional heat. Black Lances are used to cripple ships and their systems, baffle scanners and sensors, and knock ships out of skip warp. The effects of the Black Lance are seen as a "black flash" in its center, where energy is being absorbed, surrounded by a wavering gold aura from the energy of escaping neutrinos.
Tach Lance or Tacton Cannon 5 A tacton beam that creates a quantum pipe of rotated tachyons. The approximate reversion delay from tachton back to tachyon can be controlled somewhat by a combination of regulating the energy to the quantum containment field maintaining the tacton supply and by closely regulating their velocity at emission. Damage is done by both particle impact and the energy of tachtons reverting to normal tachyons.