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Military Starship Types 
Arsenal Mid-sized ships designed to destroy on larger ones.
Assault ship Small ships designed around carrying the necessary ordanance and troops to soften, take, and hold locations or ships. Generally designed to work in groups.
Battleship Enormous ships designed to be very flexible in combat and switch roles when necessary.
Blockship Larger ships, heavy on the firepower but with limited movement, transport, or self-sustention capability. Designed as anti-planet and long-range weapons platforms for blockades and security forces.
Carrier Enormous ships designed to carry a plethora of smaller ships that do all the dirty work.
Command ship Often specialized in intellignece, sensing, and communications. May be centralized command centers in occupied systems.
Cruiser Mid-sized ships designed to provide a cheap, flexible military presence in a system. OFten bplatform design... missile cruisers, troop cruisers, etc. The carrier-cruiser ins particularly effective in its abilty to outfit a variety of specialized or generalized craft.
Bomber or Gunship Small ships designed to destroy large ones or to participate in the bombardment of enormous ships, stations, and planets.
Dreadnaught The biggest of battleships, designed to crush opposing captiol ships, stations, and planets quickly.
Fighter Small ships designed to take on small threats to large ships like bombers and assault craft.
Goliath Large to enorous ships designed to take on a multitude of smaller craft.
Interceptor Small ships designed to chase down and deliver crippling blows to other small and mid-sized ships.
Patrol Cutter  
Predator Small to mid-sized ships designed to avoid detection and ambush other ships.