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Cargo Types
Cargo ships tend to be built fairly generically. Because of the enormous expense in building any starship, it is generally more practical for designers to build generic cargo ships and design specialized packaging for specific cargos. It is extremely unusual to see a "liquid only" freighter or "freezer" freighter.
Corporate Corporately owned craft for the transport of executives and cargo.
Freighter Variously sized vessels used to transport cargo. Small, fast, lightly crewed freighters are often used by independent traders, for small high-value cargos, or for deep donkey style missions. Medium freighters fill the shipping lanes, dragging a variety of cargos from place to place. Super-freighters allow corporations to buy and transport vast amounts of cargo from a single spot and transport it to redistribution points, including cheap, bulk cargos that would be impractical to transport in small quantities. 
Liner The public transport of intergalactic society. Liners are designed in various configurations from bulk, local people-movers that stay in-system, to decent commercial transport along major trade lanes, to luxury cruise liners that tour a variety of locales and interstellar phenomena for the pleasure of the passengers. 
Barge Small freighters that carry cargo on short hauls, generally in-system.
Tug Small in-system ships designed to move around larger external objects. Vary in size from smaller cargo tugs that ferry cargo from space elevators to barges up to larger tugs designed to work in shipyards and manipulate ships up to the size of dreadnaughts.