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Military Starship Types
This is a generalization of the size of starships designed for a variety of purposes. Each manufacturer will have variations in size based on the systems in place, intended missions, and design philosophy. These are not exhaustive or necessarily restrictive, just handy guidelines.
Fighter Small ships designed to take on small threats to large ships like bombers and assault craft.
Cargo Tug Designed to ferry cargo from space elevators to freighters or stations.
Interceptor Small ships designed to chase down and deliver crippling blows to other small and mid-sized ships.
Bomber or Gunship Small ships designed to destroy large ones or to participate in the bombardment of enormous ships, stations, and planets.
Service Tug Designed to haul heavy cargos and larger ships locally or between systems.
Patrol Cutter Smaller, in-system vessels with the firepower to maintain order under reasonable circumstances, enforce trade and tariff regulations, and monitor local traffic. 
Local Transport Small transport ship that can be used to receive cargo from tugs or space elevators and haul them in-system or through a worm-hole.
Heavy tug All drive and Gravity Projector, heavy tugs are designed to precisely manipulate the heaviest loads. Predominantly for shipyards that build a lot of super freighters, carriers, and dreadnaughts.
Hoppers Automated or manned ships that hop through wormholes to broadcast news and run update services for the Intellignet.
Rescue cutters Modestly equipped light cruisers designed to get into a dangerous area, retrieve and stabilize endangered life, and get back out to safety.
Small Freighter Small inter-stellar vessel designed to run by a single captain or crew of only a few. Generally faster and more manoeuvrable than larger freighters allowing them to specialize in smaller, higher value cargo and "deep donkey" runs. Can also be used as military tenders, running specific supplies to and amongst fleets.
Scouts Mapping and supported exploration, light survey work
Dropper Deliver and install the two sections of wormhole generators. Long range, specialized scientific equipment. They are most often hardened and durable, highly automated ships designed for a minimum crew.
Predator Small to mid-sized ships designed to avoid detection and ambush other ships.
Assault ship Ships designed around carrying the necessary ordinance and troops to soften, take, and hold locations or ships. Generally designed to work in groups.
Local Liner Bulk passenger ships, often cramped and intended for short, in-system runs.
Command ship Often specialized in intelligence, sensing, and communications. May be centralized command centers in occupied systems.
Arsenal Mid-sized ships designed to destroy on larger ones.
Survey Ships Designed to allow the ship to perform long-term scanning and analysis while remaining in-place in remote locations.
Cruiser Mid-sized ships designed to provide a cheap, flexible military presence in a system. Often special platform design... missile cruisers, troop cruisers, armed exploration cruisers, etc. The carrier-cruiser is particularly effective in its ability to outfit a variety of specialized or generalized craft.
Passenger Liner Mid-sized ships designed to carry passengers in relative comfort from one system to another. Designed to get the most people there relatively quickly.
Luxury Liner Mid-sized ships designed to carry fewer passengers from planet to an often scenic, deep space location. All about comfort, with speed and manoeuvrability not generally a big concern.
Expedition ships Long-range, long-term exploration ships.
Medium Freighter Commercial class freighter designed to haul substantial loads of a variety of cargos.
Sanctuary ships Massive hospital/evacuation ships designed for disaster-rescue missions and post-war cleanup. Include extensive hospital and refugee facilities.  
Colony Ships Ships designed to carry a large number of crew and supplies to a remote world and start or augment a colony there. Their hull and equipment are often designed to be disassembled to form part of the starting colony.
Blockship Larger ships, heavy on the firepower but with limited movement, transport, or self-sustention capability. Designed as anti-planet and long-range weapons platforms for blockades and security forces.
Goliath Large to enormous ships designed to take on many smaller craft simultaneously. Often paired with "big gun" ships, like Arsenals and Battleships, to provide cover against waves of nimble fighters.
Battleship Enormous ships designed to be very flexible in combat and switch roles when necessary.
Super Liner Large luxury passenger liners designed for serious, deep-space cruises.
Carrier Enormous ships designed to carry a plethora of smaller ships that do all the dirty work.
Dreadnaught The biggest of battleships, designed to crush opposing capitol ships, stations, and planets quickly. Extremely expensive to build, crew, provision, and maintain. 
Large Freighter Commercial class freighter designed to haul huge loads.
Super Freighter Commercial class freighter designed to haul enormous loads of bulk cargos that would economically unfeasible in small quantities.