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Starship Types
 Types by Manufacturer 

Azatlath Advanced Construction A-CAT
Command Carrier
2 - 6 Large ships desinged to be flexible command platforms.For many generations, the Vigilant-class command cruiser was one of the premier versatile-arms platforms available. Through four generations of ships and a variety of retrofits, it excelled at a diversity of tasks, exemplified longevity in the field, and provided almost unsurpassed logistic and command ability. They are outfitted with an extensive array of sensors and communications equipment as well as a useful variety of launch able craft.
Vigilant II -- A standard loadout would include two wings of fighters, a wing of bombers, survey/surveillance craft, and a tug. They pack several Nova defensive cannons for use against incoming fighters, a few standard fusion cannons and mod cannons, and several new retrofitted disruptors.

Drayquin Design
Assault platform
2 - 7 The Memphix class assault platform involves carrying and deploying an invasion force through heavy fire and to provide bombardment fire. It is designed to deliver troops and heavy ordinance to either planetary or ship targets. Referred to as "The Lumpy", the Memphix has seen three successive generations of vessels.
Memphix I -- relied heavily on heavy armour for defense and missile technology for offence and bombardment. Had a few plasma tubes retrofitted after design to provide renewable anti-ship firepower on longer expeditions.
  One of the first Arsenal ships, jointly developed by Drayquin, the Core Counicl of Scientists, and the Bjaki Federation, they are mid-sized ships designed to show off the latest in military technology and kill big enemies. They carry a variety of weapons, usually newly designed heavy-ship-killers.
Punchdagger I --  Armed with disruptor turrets, a pair of newly-designed Azatlath Behemoth railguns that ran about half the length of the ship, and a compliment of missiles and torpedoes .

Spinward Confederacy

Tzar Industries
supply ship
2 - 7 A mass-produced and highly successful line of military supply and support ships. Though huge and not very maneuverable, they prove to be almost indispensable in their usefulness. Each of it five generational incarnations have included as standard equipment an enormous cargo capacity, a small working machine-shop/nano-factory, a small field-hospital, a set of logistics and planning offices, and the convenience of a detachable delivery barque.
4 One of the first seriously mass-produced fly-by-neuron freighters. This was a mid-sized freighter that could be flown by a single pilot. While the early models suffered from mysterious breakdowns and mechanical problems, the Vortex went on to become one a highly popular freighter, in part because it was easily retrofittable and modifiable. Officially, only one model was ever built but it was built over a long period of time and included many variations.