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Ship's Systems
Here are some generic systems that may or may not be found on a starship near you.
Batteries, Power A battery stores power over a long period of time. A starship in the midst of a heated conflict is generally hard-pressed to provide the enormous amounts of power to sustain battle. Massive starship batteries constantly take in and store the energy produced by the ship's reactors. Batteries can take the form of capacitive networks, rechargeable chemical cells, and fuel cells.
Batteries, Weapons A battery of weapons is a set of weapons which all fire simultaneously to increase their effect over that of a single weapon or group of weapons fired singly. They can be used to increase the damage effect of the weapon system or to increase the weapon's area of effect, making it easier to hit evasive targets or targets whose exact location is unknown.
Berth A berth is an area of a starship set aside to house a living being. Berths generally include at least a seat and some personal or public space for entertainment, eating and sleeping. The quality of the living arrangements vary significantly from starship to starship. Cryogenic berths are also possible, freezing the passenger in stasis during the trip.
Bio-space Larger vessels may include green-space for entertainment and leisure or the production of renewable crops to sustain the crew. This may include small or large hydroponic operations.
Cargo Space  
In their most primitive form, capacitors are comprised of a pair of metal plates placed very closely together and separated by a dielectric material. Capacitors can gradually build up a large charge and release it all at once. On starships, ultracapacitors replace traditional metal plates with carbon nanotube matrices and are used for short-term power storage during distribution and to provide high-current spikes to systems like weapons, shields, and drives when needed. Capacitors are also useful in weeding out spurious noise and the instantaneous fluctuations in power associated with normal spaceflight and combat.
Crew Quarters  
Docking bay  
ECM Electronic Counter-Measures encompass a variety of equipment, generally associated with communications equipment, that actively attempt to foil the targeting and tracking capabilities of enemy ships and missiles. Less complicated and easier to successfully employ than stealth technology, ECM tends to broadcast that the ship employing it is there.
Emergency power Generally a small, simple, self-sustaining power source attached to the Safe, which will provide enough power to sustain life in emergencies.
Fuel storage  
Isolators Isolators regulate the flow of power in a starship. They ensure that energy travels from its source to the systems and that none feeds back and disrupts the power source or flows to the wrong systems at the wrong time.
Life support  
Mining laser  
Factory Some ships have the facilities to process raw materials into refined materials or process materials into finished goods.
Power Systems Starship power systems generally involve a reactor which ultimately creates electrical power. The electrical power is conditioned through transformers and its flow controlled by isolators. The electricity is directed towards the systems or stored for later use in batteries. Before being applied to systems, it will conditioned through capacitors. Carbon nanotube ultracapacitors may also provide bursts of energy beyond the levels the power systems can normally produce.
Repair Systems Can be one or several of a variety of repair systems. Repairs can be performed by living beings, nanites, robots, or biots.
Safe Know by a variety of terms by a variety of organizations, people and marketing campaigns, the Safe, Bridge, or Vault is usually well protected, often with a set of internal armour and sometimes shield generators,  in the center of the starship. It often includes or is surrounded by other critical systems like life support, the neural control transmission pod, and emergency power. The Safe is the control room for the ship and is designed varyingly Spartan to ostentatious.  Small or uncomplicated ships may only provide only meager accommodation for a single person while larger ships may provide comfortable quarters for captain and redundant crew. Somewhat unused on a well-functioning neurally controlled ship, the Safe becomes one's best friend and only shelter in times of real crisis.
Science space  
Troop space  
Weapons Can be mounted internally or in a variety of turret styles.