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Hand Guns
The numbers include a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Slug thrower 1 Small and portable compared to most energy weapons. From pistols to rifles to assault rifles, the slug thrower uses electrically ignited chemical propellant to throw variously sized slugs from one or more barrels at relatively high muzzle velocities. The slugs primarily do impact damage. Various forms of metals and chemicals can be employed in the slugs against various targets. Unremarkable yet effective.
Autocannon 1 The autocannon is a huge, multi-barrelled slug-thrower. They are generally shoulder-slung or mounted on a stand or tripod for firing. Using electrically initiated chemical propellant, some models of autocannon can throw on the order of a million shells a minute. 
Needle Gun 3 Needle guns or gauss guns are pistols or rifles that throw slim needles at targets, using a series of electromagnetic coils. Because the needles are sharp and thin with a very tiny initial impact area, they tend to penetrate very well but do very little impact damage. Variations of the needle may include various poison-release mechanisms or explosives that detonate after penetration. The rifle sized versions of the Needle Gun do more damage since they use larger calibre needles and significantly more coils to gain significantly more speed. They will often sacrifice some of their incredible range with some sort of shape variation to the needle which cause it to convey more impact damage.
Driver rifle 5 Propel projectiles by means of a concentrated gravitational field. Various calibers and types of ammunitions have been designed for, including "debris cannons" that will launch whatever happens to be lying around and will fit into the barrel.
Swarm Gun 4 Needle guns designed to tear apart soft targets by flooding an area with a cloud of high-velocity needles. The idea is generally penetration and shredding damage before range or impact damage.
Shotgun 1 Ultra-modern short-&-wide-barrel, available in chemical propellant and, later, grav models. Capable of firing shot, slugs, and "wheat".

All about projectiles and propellant.