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Disruptors and Mod Rifles
The "tech" numbers indicate a "tech level" that describes when the weapons were first developed. It corresponds to the eras in the History section.

The disruptor essentially generates a focused but unstable quantum containment field which is further disrupted through excitement by focused energy. The beam causes the destabilization of molecules it comes in contact with, exciting and heating the molecules in their Tangible dimensions and encouraging unpredictable emissions in their Elegant and Manifold dimensions. While the beam will not cause flashy effects like explosion or disintegration of the affected molecules, their unpredictable quantum behaviour causes unpleasant effects like pain, heating, and damage to molecular bonds. 

The disruptor became a favourite weapon almost as soon as the first one was built. Generally featuring configurable energy output, the amount of damage to be done to an opponent can be determined ahead of time. The beam-nature of the disruptor means that even if your aim is a bit unsteady, the continuous beam can be moved about until contact is made, though the longer the beam is concentrated on the target, the more damage is done. Most disruptors will fire continuously for several seconds before they overheat and shut down for a similar cooling period. Power is generally supplied in the form of replaceable or reversible micro-fuel cells,  which are buffered through some sort of capacitive network that in turn ups their current to levels suitable for initiating the firing reaction. There is often a direct trade-off between the disruptor's ability to do large amounts of damage, to maintain a sustained beam duration, and to fire repeatedly over the course of a prolonged firefight.

The Modulation Rifle is a more complex version of the Disruptor. It integrates scanners that analyze the target and the effects of the Disruptor beam upon it and modulate the beam to encourage maximum damage at the cellular level. The Mod Rifle is a more complex weapon to design, build, and maintain due to the extra electronics and control systems involved in scanning and analyzing the target and harmonically modulating the beam. Under decent conditions, however, a modulated disruptor will do much more damage than a standard model.

Azatlath Advanced Construction
Azatlath designs powerful, high-quality disruptors to fill a variety of specific military roles.
Heavy Disruptor by Azatlath Industries
(Tech 5)
Though the Impact is the smallest of their disruptors, it features Azatlath's usual reliability and stopping power and features a four-barrelled configuration that helps maximize cooling and sustainability of fire. It is a very popular sidearm among professionals.
Heavy Disruptor by Azatlath Industries
(Tech 5)
Azatlath "hand and a half" assault disruptor. Straps to the user's forearm and can be further supported and stabilized with a second hand. The Nostrom is a high-powered, multi-purpose rifle which may be set for more frequent, long-duration beams useful for sweeping areas or it can be set for shorter, repeated pulses. Active cooling minimizes downtime. It is designed to provide decent, sustainable firepower in open combat situations while the one-handed designed leaves flexibility for the off hand. It is somewhat heavy and cumbersome for close fighting or urban situations.

Imperial Design Corps
The Kharkosanth don't generally favour disruptors as main force weapons but use them as nearly inexhaustible sources of light firepower. They are generally capable of accepting easily applied modules to convert them to modulating disruptors.
Disruptor Pistol by IDC

The Reliant is a small, light, and efficient disruptor pistol designed as an emergency sidearm for Kharkosanth troops. It does low damage and fires only quick bursts of energy but is reliable and capable of lasting through prolonged firefights without changing fuel cells. It is light, inexpensive, and easy to carry. It does not have an available Modulation Pack.

Disruptor Carbine by IDC

The Taramok is a light, short, and easy-to-carry carbine designed to function well in a close environment or to provide sustained defence when heavier weapons fail. It has an available Modulation Conversion Pack which can be easily attached to convert it to a more powerful Modulation Rifle. When modulated, the Taramok is more powerful but capable of fewer shots per battery pack and is heavier and considerably more unwieldly. The same pack fits the Vigilant Rifle.

Disruptor Rifle by IDC

A powerful and adaptable main-force disruptor rifle. It can be configured in terms of power output, beam duration, and rate of fire to maximize its effectiveness in open combat, suppressive fire, or medium range sniping. It has an available Modulation Conversion Pack which can be easily attached to convert it to a more powerful Modulation Rifle. With the mod pack attached, the Vigilant is more powerful but capable of fewer shots per battery pack and is considerably more heavy and awkward. The same battery pack fits the Taramok Carbine.

Tzar Industries
Tzar designs inexpensive, mass-produced disruptors for civilian and high-volume military use.
Disruptor Pistol By Tzar Industries (Tech 5)
A cheap, plentiful disruptor pistol designed, built, and mass-marketed by Tzar Industries. The Chaperon is small and light, making it both an ideal casual sidearm for civilian emergencies as well as easily concealed for more clandestine operations. Pound for pound, it packs a decent punch but its small fuel cell and mass-produced electronics make it unable to sustain a beam for more than second or two. An excellent option for personal protection for the whole family, the Chaperon is not the professional's first choice in a prolonged firefight.
Disruptor Pistol By Tzar Industries (Tech 5)
A heavier pistol by Tzar Industries, well designed and thoroughly average in its performance. Mass produced and economical, the Precentor performs reliably in active duty. Designed to drain conservatively, it cannot provide heavy firepower but can be fired longer and more frequently. It is an excellent, affordable choice when equipping large forces on a budget.
Disruptor Carbine by Tzar Industries

The TDC-7 is a small, inexpensive carbine capable of a high ROF and decent damage. It is light and carries well. It is often an economical choice for large militaries for close quarters and patrol duty.

Disruptor Rifle by Tzar Industries (Tech 4)

A disruptor rifle designed primarily for military field operations. It is a fairly large, heavy two-handed weapon capable of decent accuracy and damage even at long range. It makes a good vehicle for suppressive fire and, with optional optic attachments, makes a decent mid-range sniper rifle.  It can be set to rapidly pulse its output or maintain a continuous beam for several seconds at a time. Its ignition current is provided by a mini-fuel cell that is easy to swap even during fire, ideal for field combat.

Heavy Disruptor Rifle by Tzar Industries

The TDR-13 is designed to do damage in heavy combat situations. It does good damage and can maintain a relatively high rate of fire but requires frequent reloads. It is relatively inexpensive and widely available.

Volto-Avaiga designs a small range of disruptor pistols to meet specific defense force and civilian peace keeping needs.
Proverb 3
Light Disruptor Pistol by Volto-Avaiga

The Proverb 3 is an intermittent-use disruptor pistol designed to provide credible firepower to security professionals and civil law enforcement officials who don't generally see prolonged or intense engagements. The Proverb 3 generates a good punch but needs to be reloaded frequently. It is small and light enough to to be carried comfortably for long periods of time but large enough to provide a visible deterrent to potential threats.

Disruptor Pistol by Volto-Avaiga (Tech 5)
Featuring Volto-Avaiga's usual high quality, cutting-edge design and technology, the Arbiter is an example of a disruptor done right. Portable and configurable, it is designed primarily for law enforcement and security. It features easily  accessible variable power settings and has full biometric implementation so only its rightful owner can fire it. 

The Arbiter is designed for short, controlled beam bursts and rapid re-fire rate. The internal fuel cell will sustain several hours of continuous use before the reaction needs to be reversed through a standard power source.

Proverb 5
Heavy Disruptor Pistol by Volto-Avaiga

The Proverb 5 is a relatively large and intimidating weapon. It provides a remarkable punch and exceptional stopping power but needs to be reloaded frequently and suffers from a slow fire rate and overheating if fired for a prolonged period. It is designed to stop a situation quickly and effectively.

Disruptor Carbine by Volto-Avaiga

The Urbine is a short, versatile carbine designed for prolonged use in close quarters. It provides bursts of only moderate damage potential but with a high rate of fire. Used by a trained operator, it is capable of operation for extended periods without reload.