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Handheld Bolt Throwers
Bolt weapons are usually characterized as weapons that deliver a high energy payload carried by a containment field  generator. The containment field generator is usually a device considerably smaller than the bolt as a whole, which contains a power source and the equipment to actually maintain a field that will maintain the payload. When the bolt hits a physical target, the generator is destroyed and the payload is released to do its work.
The numbers include a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Breaker 4 A generic plasma/fusion-rifle design in which deterium-tritium fuels are stored and reacted in a rifle-sized design. While higher tech and vastly more portable than earlier "fuser" designs, smaller plasma bolts and a lesser supply of fuel make this a less powerful weapon than its predecessors. 
Dispersion Ram 5 Available in large rifle size or exo-skeleton designs, the Dispersion Ram or "Bubblegun" is a heavy military weapon. A tiny bubble similar to that created by the skip warp drive is formed on the enemy. When the bubble makes contact, it causes a small portion of the enemy to attempt to warp away from the rest of him. While the bubble is unable to actually send portions of the enemy into warp, it does cause immense damage and pain through molecular shearing forces.
Fuser 2 A backpack contains a Deuterium-Tritium fuel source and reaction elements. Super-heated plasma from the reaction is fed into a reaction chamber where it is grabbed by a projectile which is basically an electromagnetic containment field generator. The projectile is carried by electromagnetic fields through a tube from the reaction backpack and propelled at a target.  The propulsion electromagnetic field velocities can be set for direct fire or to "lob" the projectiles. Heavy versions are often built into exoskeletons.
Protobolt Thrower 6 A quanto-magnetically contained ball of Protofluid is fired at the enemy. On contact, the magnetic field collapses and the Protofluid reverts to Tangible matter, absorbing massive amounts of heat from the target and causing the failure of various atomic bonds.