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Hand-Held Beam Weapons
Beam weapons are energy weapons, generally characterized by the emission of a free flow of energy or particles. The beam itself may be a continuous and maintained stream between weapon and target, as in the case of the Disruptor, or the beam itself may be a "pipe" that conducts a blast or stream of particles or energy, as in the case of the Channel Gun piping electricity through a laser beam.
The numbers include a "tech level" corresponding to the History section.
Disruptor Pistol 4
One of the most common personal weapons around. Focusing an energetic but destabilized quantum containment field through a Condenser Ring Matrix, the disruptor creates a relatively weak beam but is energy efficient to run. There are a variety of models from a variety of manufacturers including a cheap, mass-produced series by Tzar Industries and a specialized, light version by Volto-Avaiga that includes biometric security features. Disruptors are commonly  manufactured in both pistol and rifle configurations.
Disruptors are old, reliable, and almost universally available weapon.
Modulation rifle 5 The Mod Rifle comes in a variety of forms from a variety of manufacturers, from one-handed strap-to-the-forearm versions to standard rifle size to shoulder-fired mini-cannons, but the general principles of operation remain the same. A high-energy disruptor beam is fired and modulated to harmonically resonate a target, producing damage both from energy impact and from resonant shearing forces. An integrated sensor network analyzes the target to maximize damage. These do decent damage against soft targets and are particularly effective against vehicles and other hard targets.
The modulation rifle is an old, reliable, and almost universally available weapon.
Grapro 4 Backpack based gravity-field projector. Used in groups, mere mortals can lift and manipulate immense weights. The hand Grapro gets extensive use in construction but has also been successfully used in combat for crushing, battering, and throwing opponents. In a pinch, an opponent can often be neutralized by dropping a piano on them when they least expect it.
Some form of Grapro can be found on every civilized world and is used by every civilized race.
Gravite Canon 5 While the Hand Grapro is a construction tool that can be used as a weapon, the Gravite Cannon is a weapon that coincidentally can be used as a construction, demolition, or mining tool. It is designed to create concentrated or rapidly fluctuating gravity fields that will crush, throw, or tear apart targets. A larger backpack system than the Hand Grapro. They are heavy enough that they are often used in conjunction with powered exoskeletons. 
The Gravite cannon is primarily produced and marketed by Azatlath Advanced construction and Imperial Design Corps, though some smaller manufacturers make similar products. It is relatively common in the Prodigal Void and within the Kharkosanth Empire and can occasionally be found in use in the Farrago.
Ripsaw Rifle 5 Another variation of the gravity projector. Two parallel beams are fired projecting intense gravity fields in opposite directions, tearing a localized spot on the target. The beam is often swept to produce a slashing cut. A close-quarters, hand-to-hand version of the ripsaw contains the parallel beams within a blade-like quantum field.
Channel Gun or Lightning Rod 1 A pair of parallel laser beams are fired at target. The wavelength of the lasers is tuned to turn the air through which the beams travel into conductive plasma. A large electric burst is pumped through the plasma channel to damage the enemy. Particularly effective against soft targets and electronics at short range. The discharge can be set to disable targets without killing them.