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Ataxia is a relatively new branch of physical studies and has had something of a hard time gaining credibility. Ataxia is the study of literal chaos, of those places in the universe where the ordinary laws of physics seem to break down and things don't work predictably in the classical sense of the word. While first ascribed as little more than ghost stories and legend, recent explorations have given some credibility to the theory that are, in fact, places where Ataxia is present and verifiable.

Physical Ataxia
"Physical Ataxia" is any localized breakdown in the laws of physics, where normal physical laws don't coordinate or function together properly. The origins of the forces and effects behind it are unknown and may vary from incidence to incidence. It is generally not a permanent thing, though it may manifest frequently in one area, planet, or system and never in another. Tales of the phenomena have them lasting
as brief a time as moments or as long as days or months. Individuals have used Ataxial theory to describe everything from ghosts to magic powers to the disappearance of their daughters. The relatively new branch of science devoted to the study of Ataxia has a limited group of active academics and field researchers working throughout the galaxy, as well as a thriving industry of  “speculational journalism” that includes pulp fiction, tabloid press, ghost hunters, demon slayers, exercisers of evil entities, and faith healers. For every serious scientist, there are 10,000 “whack jobs”.

Phenominal Ataxia
Phenomenal Ataxia is a theoretical term describing the physical manifestation and presence of Ataxia separate from its effects. Those who report having seen it generally describe it as a tangible blackness, described by Ataxial researchers as a "Singularity". The descriptions range from “glowing black”, to pulsating black, to inert jet black. Some describe multiple, tiny balls that zip around through the air seemingly without direction. Others describe a single, relatively large ball that remains stationary while the Ataxial effects occur in the area. Others describe some form of creeping blackness that seems to spread and coat the surface of everythin
g around it.


Various people interpret Ataxis differently.
Most people think the whole idea is ludicrous and sensationalistic.

Most serious Ataxial scientists believe it is a natural physical phenomenon, where some process or equation beyond our current knowledge reaches a state of “zero over zero” and a temporary singularity exists.

Some see Ataxia as a collection of separate physical and/or paranormal phenomena with different causes and effects. They believe we only combine these phenomena in our minds and studies because they’re all beyond our ability to comprehend.
More radical proponents believe Ataxia is the current physical manifestation of the Old Ones, a mythical race of very, very alien aliens that slithered through space even as the modern races crawled from the sea and caused the mythological collapse of the original settlement of the galaxy during pre-history.
Again, study of Ataxial phenomena is a new and controversial branch of science. Opinions and professional training vary greatly from expert to expert. Reports of the phenomena are extrememly difficult to validate and study. Caution should be used in distinguishing valid Ataxial research from hysteria or fraudulent attempts to take your money.